I went into Park and Shop the other day.

I generally don’t eat processed food so these days my shopping trolley is lighter, my choices are better and my bill is by far smaller. That is because about 3/4 of the food sold in most shops are processed food which I refuse to buy with my money.

It is amazing, when you eat crappy food, you spend your money buying food that makes you ill.  Think about that next time you are reaching for processed food in that supermarket aisle.

So here’s what I bought: (Forgive the quality of the pictures, the lighting in my kitchen is less than adequate. Needs to be fixed). I got the apples and grapes from some Abokis on Adeola Odeku.

Grapes, Sesame Seed oil, Honey, Apples, EVOO, Lemons and Spinach

I decided to use some of my ingredients for a quick drink. I washed them and loaded them into my Vitamix.

2 handfuls of spinach, a generous quantity of grapes and 2 apples

Ran it for about 45 seconds.

Isn’t that a beautiful green colour?

Poured it into a cup

Bursting with antioxidants, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, fibre, Vitamins A, C, K, E, B1, B6, Manganese, potassium and much more!

And guzzled it down in 10 seconds…aaah!

Can you see the pulverized grapes at the bottom?

My drink was chockful of nutrients. It takes all of 5 minutes to wash and cut the veggies and fruits, blend them AND wash the blender. I kid you not.

I make a variant with over-ripe bananas and greens. My daughter LOVES it.  I once had a potassium deficiency and the doctor asked me to take over-ripe bananas because they had more potassium than the ripe ones. In Green smoothies, bananas make them creamier and the sweetness cuts through the taste of the greens really well.

A warning: If you are going to get your spinach from Park & Shop, go through it carefully. This one was packed with some green chillis (don’t ask me why). I was lucky the first time but when I made another drink the next day, I missed picking one out and ended up with a peppery drink…. :(. I still drank it sha!



WoW! You de try o! I wonder if I can attempt that drink! I am not adventurous when it comes to food sha! But I think I can attempt a mix of apples, grapes and orange 🙂 Yeah, I am a sweet tooth! he he he!

Natural Nigerian

Dee, please try it but start this way: small servings of greens and a lot of fruit. Try the banana variant. Your body will love it…it promotes clearer skin, more energy and can even lead to weight loss if you substitute for a meal. Your own all fruit mix is good too….Let me know how it goes.


o babe! i throway hand for you!

laughs @ i drank it sha.

should i be glad that 9ja don’t have processed food?

Natural Nigerian

Ibhade, Nigeria has a lot of processed food. Gala, Meaty, all the biscuit that is made here, Nutri C…unfortunately, not a lot comes to mind right now. Also, there are a lot of imported processed food in our markets and stores. Thanks to your comment, I am going to do a post on Nigeria’s processed foods.


Looks very healthy and nice. I don’t think I could stomach drinking spinach though, I rather eat it!
Do you consider ready made frozen food made to put in the oven processed even if it doesnt contain any preservatives and is pretty much just frozen but natural?

Natural Nigerian

Hi Adaeze, if you ever want to try a green smoothie (I highly recommend it), you can try other greens like lettuce, chard, kale (not dinosaur kale, that one is bitter) and throw in a lot of fruits to cut through the taste. Regarding the frozen food, give me a brand name or the ingredients and I will let you know what I think.


This is very healthy, but looks wise, I kinda like my stuff orange, white, pink or red colour.lol.

But on a serious note it is VERY HEALTHY!

My dad was ill and very weak so we made smoothies for him as part of his diet, in a week he was back to his energetic spell, yabbing me about my ‘refusal to marry’ all around the place. 😛

God bless you for sharing this amazing tip!


Repressed One

I thought Green smoothies will be gross going by looks…until i tried it. It’s not bad at all. You actually don’t taste the spinach and apples add sweetness to it. I add carrots to mine too.

Natural Nigerian

You are right Repressed One. The fruit cuts through the taste of the greens. What sort of blender do you use? It must be really good to blend a carrot too.


I love green smoothies! I drink them 1x a day, first thing in the am. I have a basic blender, but will be treating myself to a vitamix once I am a bit more settled in life. Since my blender isn’t as powerful as I would like, I add 1 cup of milk (almond) to make blending easier. So yum!


Love smoothies! I’m in Northern California and it’s been coooooooold so I haven’t felt like eating much that wasn’t hot – porridge, soups and stews have been the staples through the winter but as we have an occasional warm day, salads are creeping back in and I’m starting to long for smoothies again. I’ll try this one to start me off… although I tend to add green leaves (kale, spinach, mint, basil, cilantro) to any smoothie I make. The herbs tend to add a bright, springlike burst of freshness!

Nwando Isabella Mbalaso

My sister I doff my hat for you oh! For my mind i dey feel like baba-nla of Smoothies natural fruits and stuffs. Abeg you dust me trowey!( Pardon my pidgin) nice and beautiful post! I’ll definitely try it out! Nde’wo nwanne’m.


Natural Nigerian, I absolutely love my green smoothies, it’s breakfast for me. My skin sparkles ever since I started drinking them regularly, and my potassium deficiency??? Well let’s just say I no longer lack. My muscles actually cramp up even while I sleep, it’s almost unbearable, suffered since I was in high school. Doctor told me then what the problem was and prescribed bananas. Because it’s a prescription lol (I hate prescriptions), I started hating bananas, but eating it in the smoothie, I love it.
Spinach, Kale, blueberries, apples, kiwis, bananas, carrots make their way into my smoothie.
My question is, where did you get the Vitamix? Is it available in Nigeria?? And how much???
Also kale is available in Lagos???


lol. nice one, would try out some of these things.
lmao @i drank it shaa. #Notime. btw i need your help on something and wish to contact you privately,how do i do that?

Bimpe Iyayi

Is this Vitamix blender available to buy in Nigeria? And if its available, where?
Also will my regular blender do the same work?


Is this blog dead now? Please give it some green smoothie and reawaken it o. 🙂
I just got me a Vitamix and i’m looking for Naija recipes. Had enough of kale for now. Im thinking pureeing beans or stuff like that. Anyone tried anything other than the kale/spinach based that is still healthy. Vitamix rocks o.


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