For hairstyles that require definition (like twists) or those that require slicking down hair (putting hair in a ponytail) one may want to use a hair gel. I have found that the best natural alternative to the gels in the market is flaxseed gel. As a matter of fact, calling it an ‘alternative’ does not do any it justice as flaxseed gel is not just good for holding and slicking but is also full of Omega 3 fatty acid and other nutrients which are beneficial to the hair and body.

I made a batch recently to use as a setting gel for my daughter’s hair.

I used:

  • Whole Flaxseeds (not ground)
  • Water
  • Sieve
  • A Pot

Pour a handful of flaxseeds into a pot and cover with water. Bring to the boil.

After it has boiled for a while, pour it all into a sieve.

Just like this:

You can add some aloe vera gel to this gel for an even more nutritious  and moisturizing mixture. Use immediately or refrigerate. It will keep in a fridge for about 2 days after which you should throw it out. Due to the fact that it does not keep well, the best thing is to make just enough to use for one application.

And that folks, is how you make your own flaxseed hair gel.

You can buy Flaxseeds here.



okay so i know this is so random and unrelated to this post, but i figured i shld ask u anyways. I’ve been on sew-in dreadlocks since january and i’m more than ready to take them out. how do u think i shld go about removing the dreads without chopping off my hair. I figured it shld be easier to take off since it isnt real dreadlocks.

Natural Nigerian

I responded to your question yesterday, na wa for Word Press o! Anyhoo, here goes again:
I do not mind random and unrelated. We are all here to learn regardless of what the post is about.

I would advise that you get it professionally removed. I know no other way to remove sew-in dreadlocks without losing a lot of hair. Since you have worn them for about 4 months now, there is a very good chance that your hair is very tangled and at the very least matted at the base where the sew-in starts. There would not have been a problem with self removal if they were kinky twists – the fact that they are sewn in dreadlocks means that someone who can see what they are doing AND knows what they are doing should remove them. Use loads of conditioner to detangle. I wore this style on and off for 2 years and I can tell you that if not properly removed a lot of hair loss can ensue. Hope that helps!


I will share this with my wife. Let’s see whether it will reduce the amount of money spent in doing her hair each time. More grease to your elbow.

Repressed One

Oh wow! Who knew? I’m going to have to try this out some day. Thanks!!


Is can u post a picture of your daughters hair after using the gel.
Does it flake?
What does it smell like?
“My…Im curious!”


Natural Nigerian

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture. I will do so next time and post it. Smell wise, I can’t say it has any distinct smell. You can always put in a few drops of essential oil if you want it to smell nice. I have not experienced any flaking at all with this gel, although some people claim to have done so. Perhaps that comes with adding other things to the flaxseed gel. I like curious!

Natural Nigerian

I have looked in Nigeria and have not been able to find any. If you travel (or have someone you can send for supplies), check any health food store.

I do not know about any other name it goes by.


I have been making this gel for at least one year now. I have been using it for the laxative properties. I mix in milk or juice and it really works wonders for me. I had no idea it could be used as a gel for slicking the hair back. I will save some from the next batch I make for my hair. Thanks!!!!!

Natural Girl

Hi, i stumbled on your blog today!!!!!. Great write-ups, i have been natural since 2007 but i have never handled my hair. Using different hair dressers and constant blow drying is causing serious hair breakage. Now i have to take charge of my beautiful curls. But seriously, where can i / where do you buy your essential hair oils in Lagos e.g: Castor, Jojoba,Tea Tree etc…
And where do i get great quality shea butter here in Lasgidi, some of the ones they carry about are not pure.

Hope to hear from you


I would recommend that you try the internet and all the products can be found there; however, before you purchase look for best prices/quality and cheap/free shipping as these prices make your purchase more costly. I understand your issues with taking your hair care into your own hands. As of June 1 I have made the same decision and it seems as though my hair has just started to turn around. I have also been following YouTube closely regarding caring for black hair. There are a lot of blogs as well that have proved to be helpful. You must learn to know your hair and what works for you keeping in mind that all products do do not work for all hair.


please is flaxseed the same as egusi coz i have not seen these seeds before


YES LOVE FLAXSEEDS in my food and hair. So these can be found in 9ja right?
Loving the blog abeg *thumbs up*

Natural Nigerian

I would suggest that you reduce the amount of water you add to it so that your resulting mixture is thicker. Adding Aloe Vera gel (the ones that have not been thickened), may make it even runnier.


i have been a natural for abt 8months now and i so love it, sytill learning but its great to meet other sisters in calabar, humm the many things i have done to my hair but i love the kinky curly custard it helps to retain lots of moisture, but am going to try the eco styling gel and also miracurl cos KCC left white marks in my hair. thanks u ll be seeing me here often.



nice write up, please i am so desperate to get the flaxseed, but i don’t know how or where
to get it from.
please any information on how to get it will be highly appreciated.
thump up!


Am so glad I found this blog.I just had my big chop and am looking forward to enjoying this journey and am glad you sell products…so am gonna order…cheers

moyin black

Pls I’m transitioning, what are d recommended products I can use+ how do I get flaxseed in lokoja, kogi state? Tnx

Hussaini Umar

I want to get flaxseeds.
Can you help me?
How soon and how much per kilogram?
please treat as urgent.


i just orderd for somethings here but my problem is dat i will hav to pay even befor seeing my good….what proof do i have that i paid money into ur account…why cant it be pay on delivery ? whey is ur shipping fee so expensive? my wuestions might bee too much but i require answers pls….


I want to buy flex seed and how do I make payment and my location is in Port Harcourt.

Best regards.


Do you sell flaxseed in commercial quantity? If yes, can please send me an email stating quantity and price? Please? I looooooove your tea tree oil. My best so far. Tried other sellers but you take the ace there.


Hi, great blog. I’d like to buy flax seeds. How long do they keep and how best can they be preserved?


Your Comment here Hi, please I need the flaxseed so how do I get it? I stay in Benue state

Abayomi Oluwatoyin

This is quite educative nd helpful. I have learnt from it and you. Thanks


Please I want to know if this flax seed gel can as well work on parmed hair(unatural hair).Equally,which of your product improves hair growth because my hair has been staunted all these while.


I learnt from nairaland that flaxseed is that ingredient added to “oha” soup to thicken it,after when I made research it is called “ofo” Igbo pole who sells ogbono and stock fish.
I discussed it with the lady selling she toldnot to boil the whole seed but use the grinded one,she grinded it for me and when I got home,I placed on fire adding water and stirring vigorously.
It becomes slightly thickened and I sieved through a mesh. And added my honey,and olive oil,went to my stlist and used it to make a twist on my short natural hair. And was OK.
Still wanna try out the whole seed though.


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