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Anyone would be excused for wondering why on earth I would classify myself as a Natural Nigerian. Beyond the obvious – I have natural hair; there is a deeper reason why I think I have earned that title. Let’s look at a typical day in the life.

I eat natural foods at least 80% of the time. This means that most of what I eat are home cooked meals which are cooked from scratch with as little input from processed helpers as possible. As an example, if I am having French Fries (hardly happens but is a good example), I will usually top it with stew and not ketchup from a bottle. My snacks are usually things that have little or no preservatives like nuts, plantain chips or freshly boiled corn. I typically will not buy granola bars, potato chips or Gala beef roll.

When I am thirsty, powdered drinks like Kool-Aid and Nutri-C are not welcome. The same applies to carbonated drinks like Coke, Pepsi and Fanta. When I need to drink something sweet and cold, I can easily whiz a pineapple in my Vitamix. And there is always the option to drink plain ol’ water. I also like to drink fruit teas with honey.

Now comes the interesting one: cosmetics and toiletries. I still use my SURE antiperspirant but will most likely soon dump that for a natural deodorant that contains no aluminum and which will let my body breathe. I have dumped my Sothy’s facial cream and I now use a light oil (Grapeseed or jojoba) on my face after my OCM. Due to the dearth of natural products in Nigeria, I have actually taken to making my own Whipped Shea butter mix which I use for my hair and my body. It is easier to spread than just plain Shea butter and thanks to the essential oils I put in it, it smells really good – not that I mind the nutty smell of unrefined Shea butter. I also make and use a variety of lotions for my face and body when I think I need more hydration.

Soaps are a little easier because one can find black soap pretty much everywhere. If I find a batch of black soap too drying, I use it to whip up a batch of liquid black soap fortified with skin loving oils like coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oil.

My hair gets washed with black soap, a bentonite clay shampoo (I will post about this soon) or a castile soap.  I have also taken to making my own detangling and leave-in conditioners. Nothing in it but things that are good for me minus the fillers and other questionable ingredients that manufacturers normally use. Thank you Lord, for that degree in Chemistry!

I have made most of these lifestyle decisions consciously because I realize that if you invest in your body, you will normally reap a better reward than those who don’t. I would dislike to be burdened with ill health as it will not only affect me but will also affect those who love me. And yes, I am vain enough to want to look good even when I am in my 70s. I am investing now to reap those benefits later.

I make no claims to being 100% natural. I can only aspire. From time to time, your girl slips and doesn’t go all natural. When that happens, I don’t beat myself up with a stick. I instead look forward to the next day when I can aspire to do better.

To end, let me say this: Being a mother, I feel this weight of responsibility for another human being and being able to expose her to a healthy lifestyle makes me feel that I am doing something right where she is concerned. She is my main inspiration.



Excellent post, your lifestyle is definitely one to emulate. When it comes to natural and organic ingredients, I think you are in the best place in the world to source those, Trying to live “organically” in my part of the world is a road to financial burden. Another reason why I am looking forward to moving to 9ja!

Natural Nigerian

Hey 9ja foodie. Actually, I think that Lagos, Nigeria does not have a lot to offer in terms of organic foods. A lot of our farmers do not fully understand that when they spray greens with pesticides and fertilizers, it ends up in the body of the people that consume it. There is no grocery store that I know that has an “organic” section. I assume that everything I am eating has been sprayed with pesticide and grown with IITA. Our saving grace is that nothing appears to have been genetically modified.

You are moving? Congratulations….


I’m hoping to get some natural hair tips from you as i’m a non-committed natural hair wearer. If I can finally make it work, then i’ll be committed 🙂


Yes. The title is on the right head.. I think I am only 50% natural…30% of the time… lol
Thanks for blogging… your increasing my percentage..

A Simple Thing

About 90% of this post is similar to my reasoning, plus I worry about the effect the modern day lifestyle is having on the planet and our current level of sustainability.

Unfortunately, I also have a mild addiction to chocolate and ketchup has a permanent place in my fridge…still so many things to work on.

Natural Nigerian

Yes, we can do this not just from the perspective of health but also consider the environment. We all have things to work on…I don’t believe in beating yourself up with a stick over anything.


big ups girl…you are doing great. I rate myself 80, where do you get your coconut oil do you make it yourself, here in spain , it is hard to find, i had to order from the uk.

I plan to make my own cold pressed and unrefined coconut oil, hope i get the same result.

Natural Nigerian

80% is really good. Well done.

The batch of coconut I have currently was bought from Ghana. I intend to make the next batch myself though. How do you intend to cold press it? I only know how to do it with heat.

Natural Nigerian

Thanks for sharing the link. I will highlight it in the coconut oil making post I intend to put up soon.

Luckily, the sort of coconut one needs to use for this method is the one that is widely available in Nigeria.

I actually know this method. It is the same as the one for making pure groundnut oil. There is a special implement that makes removing and shredding the coconut meat easy. We don’t appear to have it in Nigeria though.


you’re welcome 🙂

Ehen,,just curious..the pic on your facebook that you?
i’ll like to see what you hair looks like and that of your daughter too, that’s if you dont mind my curisosity 🙂
i need some home styles for my princess, she only sits still for 15mins
do you make your girl’s hair yourself?

Natural Nigerian

That picture is not me at all. I even supplied the source/link where I got the photo so that everyone would know that I was not claiming it was me. I just loved the lushness and abundance of all that natural hair (which are extensions by the way).

I do indeed do my daughter’s hair myself. I have not been good at photographing the styles. I am not quite where I want to put pictures of myself up on the blog, but I realize that it will be necessary really soon….Just psyching myself up for the task.

Someone just left this link on one of my posts: check it out for children styles:

She sits for only 15minutes? That must be tough….I make my daughter comfortable by providing books, a treat, snacks…whatever will get her to sit still. Also, her grandma (my mum) told her that princesses have to have their hair made nicely and that if she wanted to continue being a princess, she would sit through the process. Cheap point but it worked! I have no problems with getting her to sit still at all. My daughter of course believes that she is a princess so that is the foundation…


I feel you,I love that profile pic and cant wait to get there.
what’s important is that you share great tips and people find your blog interesting and useful.
thanks for the lovely link, great styles.
My baby is almost 3 and it takes two days to make a good style on her hair…taking 2 to 3 hrs intervals..
she does a ”ouch” even when i spray a detangler ..and then laughs out loud, when i tell her that was tricky.
she even refuses to take any snack or watch tv, while i’m on her hair, its like she is actually timing me :-))
Well, my mum said i was like that too, so i guess she will grow out of the ”false ouches” and give me more time.
keep up the good work dearie, you rock


Well done! I really admire your drive…
I think I’d say I’m 55% natural 🙂
You are an inspiration to me (and I believe to many others). Well done!


Beautiful post! I totally agree with you and I, too, am trying to live as natural a lifestyle as possible 🙂

I’m definitely going to share this post with friends…


you’ve invested alot of research time and efforts into this, i need to stalk you religiously to learn more tips especially as regards my natural hair journey.


You too correct!!
Have you read about mineral oil and hair care?. Some bloggers say it’s better than natural oils when used as a sealant .What do you think?


Those days our people used to eat natural, wear natural, etc. they were a lot healthier and lived longer. I feel you. I should set this goal for myself too!

Natural Girl

Great Post, i believe you have to give us different posts on the natural products you use for your hair, skin, face etc…

I am currently learning how to handle my Natural Hair and one topic i wish you could clarify ( since you have that Chemistry Degree) is how PH Balance of product we use on our hair affect it.

Thanks for all your efforts so far, i am in love with Shea Butter and would soon dump my body cream for it.


I’ve been using shea butter mixed with essential oils and perfume oil alongside black soap as my body care treatment for about a year now and I can see a remarkable difference compared to my former body care products. I’m not there yet but I’m glad with the results so far

The Genesis of my 360 degree change was after a weekend break at my grandparents, While hugging my grandma goodbye, for the first time ever, I saw how blemishless her skin was.. Let’s just say that’s been the longest goodbye conversation i’ve ever had with anyone.

I look forward to reading tips on your face beauty regimen because blackface makes me breakout on my face and shea butter doesnt help either.

aloted this post..i aspire to be like you. first time here and loving it.. u have to give us major tips o…will definitely be back


Aww! love this post! I too am trying my best to be natural o! and like u have been whipping up my own shea butter mix for a while now.. I try and grill my chicken, maek and sue coconut oil and other healthy oils when I can..Its not easy but its worth it…Thanks for keeping it natural!


Okay, let’s put it this way .. I could easily start loving you 😀

I do try too, I’m also trying really hard to fight the chocolates. For two years now I have made and used my own natural facial cleansers/toners with a short term trial period of arbonne products, I own up to slipping every now and then when I desire a quick fix (I dare not tell you the product I turn to at those times – even I’m suspicious of it as I have searched for years but been unable to find out the composition of it – they only claim egg albumen – just how possible is that?? now some people can make a good guess!).


This is such a good post. I am a natural loc woman and have been struggling to take care of my hair properly because all the products I got were for processed hair. Then I luckily found O’Naturals and my hair life has changed for the better, for the much better I must say. It was there , I found out about you. I am definitely picking tips as I’m lucky to have quite a few natural products shops around me. My hair and skin have changed for the better and I dare so has my general attitude. Thank you.


Dear NN,

The revolution is well on its way, I’ve convinced a friend to give her hair a chance and lay off the creamy crack!
No, I don’t live in Nigeria. I live in Bolton, a town near Manchester , North west of England.
We don’t many hairdressers for black people like London but we have a cracking shop that has a large stocking range.
You can go on my website
to connect with what this Nigerian girl is doing in Bolton.
Thanks for replying, that’s mighty grand of you.


hi, i am actually very happy i stumbled upon this site in my quest for knowledge about naturals.. i am starting to transition, in fact i recently ordered 2 of your products and i am quite pleased with them. Reading this brought to my attention that you have a chemistry degree… and i am not suprised. I am currently in my 5th and final year, Industrial chemistry and my knowledge of chemicals and effects really helps with ‘natural’ aspirations. You inspire me 🙂 thought its not easy but am trying. thank you.


I’ll definitely try this and come back to give my results. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it: people like you inspire me. I couldn’t make it to the last Naturals in the city meetup cos’ I was out of town but I’ll be at the next one by God’s grace. Have a great day

Alaezi emeka

You are doing a great thing out there,pls keep it up.
pls could we talk.have being looking 4 you.jst send me a email is ok.

kind regards
Household of God


its really a great feeling to be among likeminded minds. Its a shame that this days we are bombarded by junk produce in naija. Big ups to NN for the awareness. NN for president.


Please can you help with herbal help for Breast growth? My wife is struggling sexually and emotionally after two kids and the breast is not fine with her.



I am from congo. I love your blog. I love the whole natural cultural african/ nigerian vibe on your blog. How/ where can register to get regular updates?..Thank you for this and God bless you in your journey


Hi, Im so loving your blog and hope you could be of assistance. I desperately need to find Neem oil in Nigeria. I reside in Lagos while I’m here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you bring your Vitamix over from the US? Do you use a step down transformer? I thought about bringing mine (I feel so lost without it – happy to be going home soon) what has your experience with it here been like?


This is heaven sent. Just two days ago, I began to consider going all natural. From skincare to nutrition and then I stumble here. Am inspired that I can do it. Will definitely be coming back here. My only fear is it maybe expensive expecially hair wise? Is this true?

Natural Nigerian

Priscilla, it is only as expensive as you want it to be, in my humble opinion. Spend the money where it really matters (conditioners) and you can get away with spending a tight budget.


I will like to contact u on phone. is it possible. you can as well reply tru my mail

Michele McGraw

Love this post about you. It’s interesting to see how you take something you bought and with a little chemistry turn it into someone else useful. Thanks for sharing.

-Visiting from #50WorkDays


This is your friendly neighbour…Just read your blog and it is inspiring. I hope to attain a natural lifestyle asap! It truly isn’t easy as the odds in terms of foods, vegetables and easy access to all that is required for such a lifestyle is a challenge. I have been a “hair naturalista” for a year and it has not been an easy feat. It does require some knowledge and lots of patience.Thanks to you, though, this has been made considerably easy. Thumbs up!


Wow! Look at all those comments! That is great! I love reading up on natural DIY’s and things like that. I used to make my own facial toner and I still make my own dry shampoo, but I hope to learn more!

Natural Nigerian

Hey Casey! Dry Shmapoo is something that I am still yet to try but sounds lovely. Natural DIYs are great and the possibilities are endless…definitely a lot more for everyone to learn.


Love this but am not discipline enough to keep a natural hair. I need help here.


Very impressive indeed. You are doing a great job.
I only just went natural with my locks about a year ago after carrying baby curls for 14 years and I am loving every minute of it, although I must confess, I was a bit impatient for the first couple of months.
I have bought some of your essential oils from Ebeano which I use to whip up some homemade beauty products. Pretty exciting.
I plan to be at the meet-up on Saturday by God’s grace.


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