I look at the categories that I set up for this blog and I see that I have been dwelling on a few while ignoring others. That means that I am narrowing the scope of the blog down to a few topics although that was not my original intention.

So, today I am speaking on something that falls into my “Out and About” category. I am a quite a homebody and I was hoping that by putting this category out there I would be inspired to go out and take pictures of interesting places and share them on the blog under said category. I do have a few pictures which I will put up soon.

Today’s post has more to do with blog hopping. This week, I went to check on a wedding website that I first visited in 2006. Yep! That long ago. I have checked in with them infrequently since that time.

How did I find them? Someone put several links to wedding websites on her blog a long time ago and out of curiosity, I clicked on a few. The one that really drew my attention was this one www.emekaputsngozifirst.com


The first thing that got me was the name of the website: Emeka puts Ngozi first. Amen, somebody! That is what being a couple is about, isn’t it? After reading their story and viewing their pictures, I was really drawn to this couple’s story. They even put up pictures of their honeymoon and following that, a family  portrait of them with their daughter. I think love should always be celebrated . Don’t you?

A blogger that I like a lot is organizing fitness classes in Lagos on the 16th of October. Click here for more details.



please send me the link to the fitness classes bloger, the link is broken, and thank for this blog, Emeka and Ngozi;s story is so lovely.


aww…websites like dat make me wanna rewind myself back to bachelorhood and start taping how I met my wife and do the same…lol!


The thing about blog hopping is you never know how far you’ll go and what you’ll find. Unfortunately, because I log in under ‘inPrivate browsing’ at work, i sometimes cannot find my way back to a some blogs thereafter.

Emeka Madusha

The emekaputsngozifirst.com website is down now.

I actually got to hear about the site on godaddy.com.

I was trying to renew my personal domain, which also has the name emeka in it and i got a listing from godaddy asking me if i wanted to buy the domain emekaputsngozifirst.com for 700 + dollars.

Since i am a nigerian i decided to check it out and did a google search and found this post about the site.

The domain seems to have some good seo purpose but 700 + for a domain?

Anyways i hope emeka still puts ngozi first? Its been 7 years now.

Natural Nigerian

That is such a shame. I loved that site. It gave me a lot of hope. I do hope Emeka does still put Ngozi first and always will.

Thank you for letting me know.


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