I get a few questions around what products to use to achieve long lustrous hair and beautiful skin. I have been careful about promoting products on my blog because I believe that no one product works for everyone and all should go out there and find out what works for them.

I am also a strong believer in technique. Learning how to handle your hair and skin well is the best way to see results. I read a book some time ago and there was a story in it that I would like to share with you. It  will help to buttress my point. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the book now – I would have shared that too.

Here’s what I remember of the story:

In a certain town, there was a communal plot where people could keep a garden. Of all the gardens there, there was one particular one that was lush and green. The woman who kept this plot got a lot of questions about what products she applied to get her garden blossoming so beautifully.  She happily shared this information and would also go ahead to offer insight into the techniques that she used to tend for her plants. However, her fellow gardeners were not interested in that aspect of the story and would turn away from her while she was mid-tale in technique know-how to run to the shop and get their miracle products. They would apply the same products as she used on their gardens and sit back to wait for their gardens to become as lush and green as hers. Guess what?  Their gardens never did blossom as beautifully as hers. They were too focused on waiting for the products to do their magic to realize that what made her products work were the techniques and love she applied.

Moral of the story: Learn to know how to handle your hair and skin. You can make products work for you and where they just can’t, you will find out quickly and be able to move to those that can.



thanks! solid point… its all in the techniques

oya pls come and share some new techniques with us..i am ready to learn!


Sooo true, I”m guilty as charged even though I do know that technique is the key! Oh, …. patience, patience!.

On another note, thanks for stopping by. You do good work here, welldone!


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