I spoke about the need to moisturize hair in this post. Apart from applying it topically, there is also a need to drink enough water so that the body has enough of a supply to carry out its functions efficiently.

If you have been moisturizing your hair with water over any period of time, you will be able to bear witness to the fact that there is a clear difference when you do not do this. Your hair becomes dry and in that state is weaker and thus breaks off easily. Imagine then what your body goes through when you deny it water.

Your skin, hair and entire system benefit from being fed water. Your hair is moisturized from within, your skin is supple and your body is able to eliminate waste more efficiently leading to less toxins residing in the body.

The body is made up of ~70% water


I found this handy illustration of just how much water you need to drink per day at a minimum for your body weight. I hope you find it helpful.  More information here. An easy way of achieving your daily quota is using a water bottle or refilling a 1.5 litre bottle and ensuring that you finish it every day. Following the guidelines on the site, you may need more.

Always drink water a few minutes after you wake up. According to this book, it helps immensely in the evacuation process.  As far as I know, there are no benefits in housing toxins in the body so flush them out with water!



How u take know? lol!

She is better than me when it comes to drinking water…I made sure I incorporated water in her diet from an early age. The girl drinks water like a fish..

Natural Nigerian

Great! My daughter was like that too. However since she started school her water intake has been on the decline. I finally found out that her teacher thought it was disruptive to have children frequently making pee pee so she limited her water intake. I have since contacted the teacher.

Myne Whitman

I’m guilty of not drinking water, it seems like stress to me. You spend time drinking it, and time passing it out, LOL…

But I totally agree with the topical application. I can’t believe how soft my hair is after a shower. I’ll try to drink more too.


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