One of the many good things that came out of the meet up is that I now have a good sense of what people were prepared to hear/learn about. I hadn’t always been too sure what the Nigerian audience was ready for.


One of my things is to read about the science behind hair and use that to make decisions regarding what products to buy, what techniques to use and general care.

If you have downloaded/viewed the presentation that Screwy Haired Girl put up here, you will see that I chose to start from the beginning to explain what hair is about. I also shared some pictures (I am a visual learner) which I think drove home the points I was trying to make.

Based on the feedback that I received after the presentation, I have decided to start a category called Hair 101 which will deal with hair science – so to speak.

It is my hope that after learning what hair is about and how it works, we will all be able to make more objective decision about how to care for it rather than being swayed by what people say. Learning about the science behind your hair is very empowering.

First post will be put up very soon.



Yes! Yes! Just had a recent issue with my hair drying out faster than I could breathe and discovered Olive oil for hydrating – would love to hear more tips about general care


Looking forward to this already! Woo hoo!

abeg no forget that other topic you and I discussed offline o. Still waiting for a post on that.



Please could you recommend a good place in Lagos for natural hair. I’d like to get twists done but I’m also considering dreadlocks on 10inches of hair! Any locticians or natural hair stylists please

Natural Nigerian

Dianne, unfortunately I don’t know about an actual Salon. I just obtained and shared the number of a lady that purpotedly is gentle with weaving natural hair. I will wait until I get feedback from the person I sent it to. You can get your twists done at a Salon if you are able to micromanage them – which is just unnecessary wahala.

If I get any leads on a Salon, I will e-mail you.


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