If you follow me on twitter (@naturalnigerian), you would have “heard” me mention attending African Dance Class. It is a great way to let off steam, exercise and learn some African dance moves. Can’t dance? It doesn’t matter as it is not a criteria. The only requirement is that you come with an open mind, ready to have fun.

I hardly sweat. I am the original Miss Cool. It takes a lot of physical exertion on my part to get me to break into a sweat so anything that has me dripping a few minutes is always welcome. This class had me jumping, twisting and working out every part of my body. The sound of the drums draw you in and encourage you to do more, do more!! One of the drummers even broke into song reminding me of Kegites (a fraternity) in Nigerian universities. It was really nice. 

I went this Wednesday, camera in hand because I wanted to share pictures from the class with you. Thanks to the gracious ladies that gave their permission for the pictures to be taken and shared here.

Enough talking, here are the pictures:

The Crew with the drums


To the Left

To the right...




Taking a well deserved break

Also available at the venue are healthy drinks and snacks made by Carib Health.

Healthy Homemade Zobo (Hibiscus Flower/Sorrel) drinks

Healthy cookies made from oats and raisins

Want to participate?

Classes are held every Wednesday from 1000hrs to 1130hrs. 

It costs N1,500 per class (snacks and drinks not included).

Call Sherese Ijewere on 08068754464 to book a spot. 

Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid in any way (cash or kind) to promote this. 



Now I know why Mrs Sherese looks great.Many of us might not know this but a great form of exercise is dancing.I don’t mean hold me hold you dance o. I mean serious African boogie were you dance and sweat!!


This is awesome! I’ve been hooked on African dance classes since my host mother dragged me to one while I was in Montpellier (France). Do these classes happen in Abuja or Lagos? Or elsewhere?


I have been contemplating taking an African Dance class here in the states but so afraid to go alone and guessing I wont flow with it…I have no rhythm and kinda shy in public…what are some tips to help release inner anxiety?

Natural Nigerian

You and I are quite alike! My sister has a song for me which she sings every time I dance. It goes something like this: ” You ain’t got Noooooo rhythm, You ain’t got nooooo style”. Lol! Plus like you, I am quite shy. However, if you go with an open mind (not caring what anyone thinks of you and your dancing) and do your best to have some fun, you should be fine.

I know it sounds like a rather simplistic solution but it works.


i want to dance but your days for dancing (wednesday) is not convenient for me. is their no weekend package?


Yeah…ain’t there no classes on the weekends,some of us really love to learn to dance but the present class period wouldn’t work for someone like me.pls start a weekend classes.


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