Have you made your resolutions for the year? If you haven’t, here’s a cheat sheet you may want to use. I don’t mean to go all preachy on y’all, just sharing what has worked (and is still working) for me. Feel free to click on the texts in blue – they are linked to other posts which will provide context.


  • Your hair is part of you. Treat it right. Don’t give precedence to weaves, add-ons and extensions. What I mean by this is that you should challenge some of the things that seem normale.g. 
    • Applying relaxer to a small section of your hair or dying it just so that your weave looks nice.
    • Allowing your hair braider pre-dispose you to traction alopecia (by overweighting your hair with add-ons or braiding too tight) because you want your braids to be popping!
  • If you have natural hair, Moisture! Moisture!! Moisture!!! I can’t say that enough.
  • If your hair is relaxed, consider spacing out your touch-ups. The benefits speak for themselves.


  • Drink enough water per day. It helps with everything. Your bodily functions, your skin, your hair…everything. Here’s a guide  that will help you know via your urine when you are dehydrated. Yep, I said the U word!  😆  
  • Eat your greens and fruits. Introduce a splash of color into your diet (carrots, tomatoes, green leaves).  The brown of baked goods and most processed foods isn’t a splash of color.
  • Try the green smoothie at least once. It is not expensive and the benefits are amazing.  


  • Try to lay less emphasis on topical applications of creams and products. Instead, nourish your skin from the inside. Products should support your effort. They shouldn’t be your only effort.
  • Learn to read ingredient labels. It makes you a more discerning customer and eventually saves you money.
  • Remember that there are no magic potions. No silver bullets. You won’t be disappointed if you bear this in mind.

Self and others

  • Love yourself. Really. No matter what is going on, give yourself a break.
  • Do amazing things for others. Help someone with a heavy load, speak up when things just aren’t right, volunteer at a school. Just smile at someone.
  • Challenge status quo.
  • Read. You will discover many wonderful things.
  • Live consciously. My cousin said this to me in May 2011 and it completely changed the way I looked at things. I leave it up to you to interpret for yourself.


  • Consider being even more natural than you are now. Baby steps will lead to taking leaps one day.


  • Preserve your culture. It is a beautiful thing.
  • See Nigeria. I went on a road trip last year with a few friends….I would definitely do it again.
  • My fellow Nigerians, I make a conscious effort not to talk about Nigeria’s problems and politics on this blog (you know there is no stopping us when we start). I will say this though…pray for Nigeria. Y’all know she needs it.

 Now this is the most important of all….if you do nothing else, I highly recommend you do this: “Love your neighbor as yourself”

 Be peaceful.


Natural Nigerian

Thanks! Living consciously is really important. I just went over to read your blog and I see a lot of self consciousness/awareness. It’s the way to go.

All the best.

9ja Mom

Great tips! Happy New Year! Still working on getting enough moisture in – my hair is super thirsty and just gulps it all down.

9ja Mom

Hmm, at this rate, I believe it is – I’ve soaked it in Olive Oil for the past 2-3 days straight and it’s still dry… What are some tips for ‘porous’ hair? I deep condition with coconut oil overnight before washing, and then use a deep conditioner after the wash and then top off with olive oil…

I even tried the honey mask treatment a week ago – hmm, what tips are there for porous hair, never heard that one before – gotta start looking into it…

Natural Nigerian

It was an adventure so yeah, there were a few bumps and potholes on the way but it went very well. Right now would not be a good time for travelling though because of the current security situation.

Natural Girl

LOL, i’m sure there were more than a “few” bumps and potholes. But i know the trip was fun and interesting…. Something to put in my “list of things to do b4….”


Live consciously? Sista, how is that supposed to be easy if you don’t know what it means?! Please interpret for your more ignorant reader (myself)
First post ever, by the way (I think (drum roll, please)).

Natural Nigerian

Hi Oqueel. I really wanted to leave that open to interpretation as it means different things to different people. To me, it means being aware of the fact that my every word, deed and thought leaves an impression. There are no free passes. I try to live consciously in the way I relate with people, in the way I present myself through my dressing, even in the way I worship my Creator. It means to me that I should try not to go through life on auto-pilot as well. I will live in the present, enjoy the moment but in a way that does not compromise my ultimate goal. I hope that helps you find your own interpretation.

Drum roll!


Nice job you’re doing here…can see you’ve got lots of passion for the African hair…nice labels on your products too..keep it up…cheers.
– Folarin


I’m a year late, but I love this post.

And, I am a green smoothy convert. I now put spinach in all of mine – you can’t taste it, but it allows me to sneak more greens into my day.


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