On Saturday 18th February 2012, Small World Nigeria held a food festival. 30/31 countries were represented and we had an amazing time sampling food and wines from the participating countries.

To give you an idea, there were wonderful deserts from Belgium, sauerkraut and sausages grilled to perfection from Germany, delicious pâté and cheeses from France, cheese and chicken pastries from Jordan, delightful sweets from Syria and so on and so on. For the wine lovers, there were red and white wines being served at the South African and French stands. Americans offered ginger root and lemonades among other things.  By the time I had gone round to 15 stands I was stuffed but I kept on going!

About 3 hours into the event, they put on a circus show with representatives from the different countries performing. It all ended with a parade and fireworks. I score the organizers a 10/10. Things went on seamlessly and that takes effort and attention to detail.

Now, to the serious side of things. Small World Nigeria has over the last 17 years raised N274 million naira and supported 160 charities in Nigeria.  For them, it doesn’t stop there. They ensure that all the money is accounted for and even follow up with inspections where possible to assure themselves that the money was used as intended. The night of this food festival, they raised N37million naira – all of which will go to support the different charities that were nominated by the different countries.

To learn more about them and possibly donate or volunteer your time, please go to their website here. I find that there is no better way to pass time than to spend it changing someone’s life for the better. 

I forgot my camera at home and had to use my phone so please forgive the quality of the pictures below:

Walking into the venue


A view of some of the stalls.

Eating, Eating, Eating

The Jordan stand.

Sweets from Syria (hope your country pulls out okay!)

Getting a Falafel made at the (I have forgotten which country) stand

UAE stand

There was generally a menu so you could see what you were getting.


curious kinks

should be “Multicultural Nigeria” or “Food Festival”. I too can’t help myself when it comes to food, especially if it’s at an event such as this. Kudos to the organizers, It’s nice to read about charity work in Nigeria.

Natural Girl

Aaaa now!!! you should have told us (*read* ME! ) all this food.
Looks like it was fun.

Natural Nigerian

It was amazing. My crew and I had distended stomachs the next day. Also, it was a good to spend money helping a worthy cause. They have it every year. Just stay in touch with IWS and you should be notified when the next one will hold.


yummy!~ wish i was there..woulda been so much fun i love food and I miss lagos! i think falafel is lebanese or one fo those countries in that region.


I REFUSE to be tempted NN…I Love ABJ more…why dont we have stuff like this here 🙁
you must have had fun!!


Thanks for posting this, i would Love to get involved in something like this amazing event. Shalom..


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