There are a lot of benefits to making one’s own cosmetic brews. Things like final rinses, whipped butter mixes, hair spritzes and even homemade hair conditioners can be made fresh and used on the spot. There is something really refreshing about feeling that your skin/hair/face needs a pick-me-up, opening your refrigerator and checking to see what raw materials you have for whisking up a potion that will do the job. 


While I still advocate the use of some store-bought products alongside these home-made brews, being able to whip something up can save you a bit of money, give you absolute control over what is being applied to your skin as well as give you a better understanding of how store bought products work. 

To get you all started, here is a fantastic link to an article for making purpoted hair growth potions. I was happy to note that a lot of the ingredients could be found in our Ahia Natural Nigerian

I am determined to make you all mixtresses ;), so expect a bit more on this topic soon. 



I live in Central Africa where its dry….really really dry. I also work in a formal setting where I cant have twist outs or anything too shabby. Which means I flat twist my hair in the night and comb it out in the morning. I usually just comb it dry without anything moisturiser and I’ve just learnt that thats not good…please advise of a concotion I can whip up to put on my hair each morning that wont…(hopefully)…shrink my hair. Love the blog…I’ve learnt so much.

Natural Nigerian

At the very least, mist your hair day and night with water and glycerin. If you are able to get Aloe Vera Juice, that is even better to use than ordinary water. Misting lightly will still lead to some shrinkage but not major. Also, invest in a good leave-in conditioner and a butter or heavy oil to seal in the moisture. Hope this has helped. If not, let me know and I will try and be a bit more specific.


Hello, I am very excited about starting to make home made skin and hair care products as your site has really inspired me. I was wondering if you have any experience with the herb soapwort (I believe the Latin name is Saponaria Officinalis). I am interested in this plant to use in formulating a liquid face/skin wash. I have dry skin so particularly interested to know if this will be stripping.

Also have you heard of or used the African oil called moringa oil for the scalp?

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