NITC3 – Dr. Vivian Oputa (Dermatologist)

NITC3 was proud to host Dr. Vivian Oputa who is a dermatologist (listen to her introduce herself and tell me you are not impressed). She spoke on several things, including Eating Yourself Gorgeous. A reminder that what we put in our bodies has a profound effect on the quality of our skin and even hair.

Again, I don't have a lot of footage but here's what I got.

I think we really need to look into getting a dedicated person to record the presentations at NITC meet ups.

3 thoughts on “NITC3 – Dr. Vivian Oputa (Dermatologist)

  1. curiouskinks

    I Love how engaging the presentation is. Did she have some sort of visual like powerpoint? that helps too, as she is talking about something scientific. You are indeed what you eat!

  2. noah

    can u answer my complain pls,i work in lagos,went to my wife in jos after about 2 months,she complained my face is becoming darker,just bought neutrogena soap to start using,am almost 50 years of age.


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