My sisters (I have a younger sister and an older sister) are going natural. Big shock, seeing as I am so bad at styling my natural hair that folks around me generally run in the other direction. That is, until they see how healthy my hair is…..then they come running back! 

Anyway my younger sister, who BC’d recently, asked me to make her a potion spritz for her hair. She had used some Aloe Vera spritz I recommended and loved it so much that she wanted to experience more natural goodness! I think I should mention that she used the Aloe Spritz on her human hair weave as well (a.k.a Peruvian/Brazilian/Indian weave) and couldn’t stop raving about how manageable it made her weave…who knew, right? But makes plenty of sense. 

I decided to make her a herbal mix of Rosemary, Organic Horsetail leaves and Organic Nettle Leaves. If you want to see why I used these particular herbs, see their properties below. 

Horsetail: Very rich in Silica which gives hair a shin/sheen boost.  Horsetail also provides elasticity and strengthens weak & damaged hair with regular use.

Nettle: Rich in Vitamins C & E, formic acid, carotenoids, lecithin and minerals. Known from ages past as a natural hair growth stimulant, Nettle also improves scalp and hair health and is even purported to reverse hair loss.

Rosemary: Stimulate hair follicles and supports hair growth. 

I bought a pack of Rosemary at Oyingbo Market in Lagos. The rest of the ingredients came from the Natural Nigerian Ahia.

Now, I tried to take pictures of the entire process, but my camera decided it needed a break halfway so I am going to have to make do with what I have.  You can click on any of the pictures below to enlarge. 

Lining up my herbs. These are not measured out yet.

Placing them in my Pyrex.

Adding Hot water.

I added a little under 2.5 cups of water. The plan was to add enough Aloe Vera Juice to take it up to the 3 cup mark – but my camera quit before I could do that.

So from here, I will just tell you what I did with the help of pictures from other sites….

Using a strainer (like below)

Use a strainer to remove the herbs. I like to use a spoon to press down firmly on the herbs while they are in the strainer so that I squeeze out as much trapped liquid as I can


When the liquid is cool, add your Aloe Vera juice and place the contents in your Spritz bottle or Trigger Spray.

From the Ahia

Voila! Your spritz is ready to use. 

It is very important that you

  • Make small batches of this which you keep refrigerated


  • Add a preservative to inhibit Mold, yeast and bacterial growth. 


Natural Nigerian

Your hair will still grow at an average 0.5 -0.6 inches a month. It is not a miracle growth elixir. They simply don’t exist. What this does is to support hair growth if you provide the right conditions – clean scalp, stimulated scalp, good hair practices. e.t.c

Natural Nigerian

I answered in my comment to Tammy that I like broad spectrum preservatives. Optiphen is my preservative of choice. I am not a big believer in using Grape Seed Extract or essential oils as preservative. They simply can’t provide adequate protection from mold, bacteria e.t.c.

perfect kids hair & beauty shop

Thumbs up NN,hv been experienting with the product’s I bought.for this spritz I added apple cider vineger, & lavender essential oil it makes the smeel inviting and its a hair growth remedy. And I noticed the tea tree castile soap increases the icthing of the scalp instead of stoping it.still testing it on my selfs and on friends to know why.keep up the good works

Natural Nigerian

Hey! How have you been?

Apple Cider Vinegar typically shouldn’t be used as part of a spritz unless you are using it in minute quantities to regulate the pH of your Spritz.

I haven’t heard of Castile Soap making one’s scalp itchy. Do you dilute it before you use it?? Perhaps you should if that is the reaction you are getting.

Let me know what else you are doing. We can talk through it. Take Care!


Hi dear,love your work. I’ve been a natural all my life and have lived through the negative stereotypes. It’s great to see Nigerians waking up to Afro awesomeness and I hope it’s not just a fad.
How do i locate the ahia for some horsetail and hazel?

Natural Girl

Hi, NN just wanted to find out what Rosemary is called in the markets? Is it known as Rosemary leaves too?

Natural Nigerian

The bag I bought had the words Rosemary clearly written on it. That is what they call it in the market. It is sold by folks that sell spices like curry and thyme.


Hi NN,

Great job with the delivery of my online order from Ahia. Been two weeks now and I have been using this spritz (without aloe) and noticed a major improvement in my relaxed hair texture and my new growth feels great! Thumbs up!!!

Big hug!


Hi. I cannot see the measurements for the herbs used for this spritz. i.e. how many grams of each?
Also I have only just decided to take care of my hair, so I don’t know if a spritz is meant to be used on the hair or the scalp or both?
When you say make small batches, I do not intend to use a preservative. How long is it likely to remain ‘good’ if I store it in the fridge?

onome avae

hi NN,
Pls where did you get the Horsetail and Nettle leaves from? can i get them in Nigeria?


Please where can I find Horsestail and nettle leaves in Nigeria? What’s the local name in the market?


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