At the NITC3, a lady asked if I knew of threading styles that are actually wearable. Styles that one can wear to work or out to the store without people thinking that you’ve just stepped out of a 1960s time machine. 

I love the wonderful results that threading gives my hair and I do not believe that there is a better method of stretching hair. Threading hair not only straightens it out, it can actually help with detangling hair. There have been times when my ends have been knotty and I resorted to threading it. By the following morning, Voila!…almost a miracle. And let’s not forget, stretched hair is happy hair. As a matter of fact, Nat Mane found out that she could even get curls (almost like a twist out) if she used the ‘some gaps”  threading method. 


I am quite interested in getting an answer to her question, so Natural Nigerian is sponsoring a giveaway worth N10,000 to get you thinking and sharing styles that fit into the category. Excited? Great, hang on and read the rules. 

Game Rules

  • Take a picture of your style. If you would rather not show your face, that is fine. Clear pictures of the style are all we need.
  • Front, Side and Back Views must be submitted. 

Either email me the pictures ( or upload them on facebook and tag Natural Nigerian

Judging the winner 

  • All entries will be collated and posted at the end of the competition. Readers will be allowed to judge. The picture with the highest vote wins!
  • Contest starts now and ends on the 6th of September. That is a full month to get threading, posting pictures and telling your friends to follow suit. 


N10,000 voucher that can be used to purchase ANY item(s) in the Natural Nigerian Ahia.

Prize (small print)

  • If item you choose from our product list that is out of stock, you will be informed and be allowed to choose any other items. You may spend it freely on any item or towards any purchase. 
  • The N10,000 is inclusive of shipping cost. 
Get threading and spread the word. 



hey! NN, when are you gonna post the pics for the contest? I never bothered to send you mine since my style was just basic and kinda ugly :(. plus I don’t think i’ll qualify. But i wouldn’t mind voting on other peoples gorgeous styles :)

Sanni Oluwatoyin

NN…I’m looking forward to a re post of this contest ooooo. God bless you. Lovveeeee youuuu ma


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