Castor Oil is well known among the ladies for its anecdotal use of thickening hair and salvaging edges. I say anecdotal because from a scientific point of view, these claims remain unproven – sorry, it is what it is.


Anyhow, so that we do not have a one-dimensional view of this wonder oil and miss out on its other uses and benefits, I thought I would mention that apart from hair applications (there is totally a pun there), castor oil has- for several centuries- been used for other purposes. My first experience with Castor Oil was when I was given a small quantity to ingest by my gynecologist a day before my delivery due date. I firmly believe that it catalyzed things and ensured that the baby made an appearance when she was due to. 

Lots of other uses are well explained and demonstrated on some websites I have come across, so rather than doing any research and re-inventing the wheel, I am just going to direct you over to those blogs to learn more.

  • Learn to make a detoxifying Castor Pack for the elimination of toxins and also to stimulate circulation.
  • Here there is more talk of making a Castor Pack and also a list of benefits – including reducing flatulence and relieving pain. It also lists conditions that Castor Oil can help to improve.  
  • A balanced view of Castor Oil (including side effects) written by a popular physician.
  • Another doctor writes a detailed article about using Castor Oil to boost your immunity
  • Last, but not least. An article specifically for hair and skin. It contains a lot of links so there is a lot of information.

After reading through these articles, it will become clear that a bottle of Castor Oil is an important and powerful tool to have in the house. Nature is truly wonderful.

Interestingly, Castor Oil (Jamaican Black Castor Oil brand as well as our cheaper NN version) is our number one selling Natural Oil in our Ahia.

P.S: Please do not ingest anything without speaking to your doctor first.


Mrs. Ayorinde Jane

I need dis oil urgently where can I get it Ilorin pls help me.


Thank you so much sharing these valuable information. Educative I must say. I like the Clarisonic, the bread maker, the vita mix and the hair steamer. Where can i get to buy in Nigeria and their prices. Thanks.


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