Capital Naturals 1 has come and gone. All in all, it was great fun. I had a great time meeting Nkechi, Ngozi, Oby, Dr. Ngozi, Doose, Pepi, Onyinye, Barbara, Maryam, Farida, Funbi and many, many more people.

Our comperes for the event, Aniekan and IB, were absolutely amazing. Aniekan is a guy, by the way and he was able to hold his own with all the women there. They did such a great job with getting the program rolling and also involving the attendees. I would love to work with them again, that is for sure. 

My co-organizers, Nat Mane and Chioma Momah were splendid. They made sure I got around in their city and even fed me when I was hungry. They had done a lot of work prior to my showing up too. 

The one thing that I noticed at this Meet Up was that a lot of people kept saying that they were natural under their weaves. Having been involved with the organization of 5 meet ups (4 in Lagos and this one in Abuja), and thus meeting a LOT of Nigerian Naturals, it was strange to hear so many people say the same thing. It obviously had something to do with where they resided and after some prodding I found that there was simply no support for natural hair in Abuja in terms of stylists or products (not that there is much in Lagos but we seem to be light years ahead in that regard). The argument was also made that the Abuja crowd was a bit more fashion forward(?)/reserved than the Lagos crowd and were not as understanding of natural hair. Lastly, some people were just more comfortable with wearing weaves…which is fine.

I have a few pictures below but will ask you to check out Deep Brown & Kinks in a few days for more pictures. 

I had the best time in the Buj (as some call it) and look forward to going back for another Meet Up.


One of our Comperes, Aniekan (left) with a friend.

Early birds at the Vendor Stand

Chioma Momah of Bibi Naturals

I loved meeting the ladies

Vendor Stalls

 Looking for more on the Meet up? Read here and here



Thanks for sharing- looks like the turnout was pretty good. I guess its not too surprising to me that Abuja is a bit behind in regards to the naturalistas rocking their fros especially given the fact that there’ve been 4 natural meetups in Lagos vs. 1 in Abuja.


I live in Abuja n I do looove natural products. I thought I was all alone in Naija doing my HHJ but just discovered this site/blog &I am soooo sorry I missed the “meet up”. I would love to know when the next “meet up” will be. I normally order from the UK but this sounds more exciting. I am a certified PJ so can’t wait to get stocked up.

Natural Nigerian

HHJ? You would have enjoyed it. It was well attended by Abuja standards and we can only do better. I can’t tell you right now when the next meet up will be but if you keep checking back with us, we will make announcements. Plus if you send me a mail:, I can mail you when we have fixed a date.


HHJ-Healthy Hair Journey. Don’t mind me, I am all over black hair care sites I’m starting to speak their language. So I know I will. most likely check back and probably put an order if I am out of products…(I just bought tons of product right now). But will send the mail…


awww! i missed this! i live in Abuja and turned natural while living in France i will like to be a part of the next event…..when would that likely be? ive friends who want to go natural too and wld love to come


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