Finally, the day came and we had fun! It was great to meet people and see those that have attended every meet up (Hi Emmanuelle and Olaide!)

As has been for the last 2 events, this one was compered by Chigo. A very talented lady who I am proud to call friend.

We started off with a talk from Sherese Ijewere of Carib Health. As a nutritionist, she helped us understand just how important it was to eat healthy – telling us the effect of sugar, salt and other processed foods on the body. When she did her sugar demonstration which clearly demonstrated just how much sugar the average soda contains, I actually heard gasps! Lol!

Sherese and Chigo during the Sugar demonstration

A natural segue was to listen to Osa Ezekiel speak about how she made several small changes to effect a big change. She weighed 106 kg in August 2011 and currently weighs 71.3kg. What was remarkable was that when she went to extreme measures (unhealthy dieting e.t.c), nothing worked. However, when she made up her mind that she would commit to a lifestyle, she went from 5 skips a day on her skipping rope to 3,500 a day. She went from eating heaped plates of food to eating enough to satisfy her hunger. What I took away from that anything is possible as long as you make up your mind to do it.


You are probably wondering – wasn’t this a HAIR meet up? Where are the hair talks? We feel that everything is interconnected so nutrition came first and then I was up there sharing my take on the importance of Nourishing, Fortifying and Moisturizing hair. I broke down the reason why it was important to do each and how to do it. When I started the part about Nourishing, it all tied in into what we had heard prior.

I can share my slides if you wish – leave a comment to let me know if you would like to see it. 

Some hair styles at the event:

She shared that having “Oyinbo” natural hair  (read 4a, b or even 3a, b) doesn’t mean that it is easier to manage than “Naija” hair (4c). Food for thought for those who long for certain hair textures. Descriptions are mine.

Lovely hair band

Kate Henshaw’s Afro Puffs. I touched her hair for a demo – soft, moisturized, trimmed to perfection. Lovely. Just like her 🙂

All pictures taken by Natural Nigerian

Attendees saying cheese


We had a bunch of vendors at the event. I would like to think that NITC is rounding up and presenting the natural community with vendors that keep hair and skin fabulous -naturally. The ladies were so intent on shopping that they had to be rounded up from the vendor station to come inside for the talks. They wanted to be sure that their favorite items didn’t get sold out. 

There are pictures of the vendor stands here.

I would like to end by thanking everyone that contributed to the success of NITC4.

  • Osa who moved the crowd by sharing her story.
  • Marionette who ensured that we had Osa speaking at the event.
  • Chigo who has always been so generous with her time when it comes to NITC.
  • Nneka who I bothered quite a bit and who didn’t mind doing even the smallest of tasks to ensure that we were ready on time.
  • Omenka Gallery for the lovely space. 
  • Onyinye Dike for hooking me up with a hairstyle so that I wouldn’t look mad at the event. We hunkered down in a corner and she tamed my hair with bobby pins and a band.
  • Our volunteer who helped with registration and other things. 
  • Everyone that took time out to come and share with us.
  • Everyone that helped with raising awareness by sharing the flyer on their blogs, re-tweeting our tweets, telling a friend or frenemy and bringing a friend or three. 
  • Last but not least, the rest of the team: Sherese Ijewere of Carib Health and Screwy Hair Girl.


New Transitioner

I was so sad that I couldn’t come. Annoying thing is; the program I was supposed to go for got cancelled at the last minute. I was livid.
Please do share your slides, let me feel like I attended. 😉
And please announce the date for the next one veeeery early.
Thank you.


You are welcome. You guys did an awesome job with the meet-up. I learnt a whole lot more about nutrition, got inspired by Osa, shopped, had great tasting zobo *sigh* . wish i had stayed till the end.

when is the next meetup please?lol


Hi, I just wanted to thank you again for hosting an amazing event and especially for linking my post in you blog. I was wondering where all the new traffic was coming from lol. I can’t wait for the next one! x


I’m so happy i found you blog. I recently decided to go natural and i’m in my transition period but i plan to do a big chop in 2 weeks. I’ve been looking at several foreign blogs but i knew achieving their texture of hair might be too good to be true. (the blogs have helped in exposing me to good hair products though) I’m glad i finally found a Nigerian natural hair blog. Love your blog already. xx

Natural Nigerian

The difference in hair texture, weather considerations and resource availability were some of the things that helped me make the decision to start my own blog.

Thank you so much for your kind words. All the best with your journey and please check back from time to time.


I would really like to be an attendee at this kind of meeting. I know I’m reading and writing this late but it would be nice to see a link to where you shared the slides if you eventually did.


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