It just occurred to me that a lot of people don’t realize that although I do not post here daily, I do tend to do so on Social Media.

There are some things that don’t make it to the blog but are interesting all the same. Come by and check them out on facebook and twitter whenever you get the chance.

Here are some of the things that I have put up on my facebook page recently:

In my quest for a Natural Deodorant, I bought this.
If you are Nigerian, you may recognize it to be the same Alum that we use for washing snails and treating water – a smart person has molded it and packed it up nicely.
I haven’t used it enough to remark on its efficacy. 

Cooking and eating Healthy is something I try to do. I made a big batch of this and took it to work as lunch over a period of days. See all the veggies? Nice and colorful.

Found this adorable picture online. I actually tracked down the doll maker as I wanted to gift my daughter with the doll. Turned out to be $500 so I have decided to admire it from afar without ever mentioning it to the kid. #budgetandthings.

So, there you have it. The fact that my blog is not updated doesn’t mean that I am not jabbering on somewhere else. 



P:S – If you have a particularly snazzy hairstyle and would like to share it, please send me the picture ( and I will put it up on my facebook page. I find that Natural Nigerians are not properly represented when you look at those sharing their fine hairstyles on social media. Let’s show how we rock it. 



Oh God I just purchased quinoa last weekend to include to my diet and reduce my meat/chicken intake. I checked your blog today and there it is too.. nice. Where do you get it from in Lagos? You should also upload some quinoa recipes for us, I will love an insight and tips into how you make yours. I freestyle will mine.

Natural Nigerian

I haven’t found Quinoa locally. If you find it anywhere, please let me know. Adura has decent recipes for Quinoa here and here. I just make sure to pack mine with veggies so that on any plate I have about 50% veggies and 50% Quinoa. Perhaps even more veggies.


I was thinking lately about finding a natural deodorant and read someone about crystal stone. Nice to see it on your blog…I will be looking into it soon. Thanks.


Yes, I have been reading up about it and would make en educated decision. Still, I am on the search for a natural alternative to deodorants.


I make my couscous the same way you made your quinoa. But I often add loads of kidney beans, or else it’ll feel more like a salad or snack. But it makes me feel light!
Also, i don’t know how i’d feel about rubbing alum on my underarm. but then again, we eat, inhale and rub all sorts of things on our body.
You should check out American Doll, they make them in all ethnicity and they are treated almost like an actual being! It comes with a wardrobe, a name and they even have a hospital for the dolls! lol. but they’re expensive!
in regards to sending pics, I think you should lead the way for the rest of us and we’ll follow 😉


love that doll to, am a collector but $500? Talk about rediculous, what the hell, whose she selling to donald trump?


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