I am working on some posts and they are taking their sweet time coming along so I thought I would share what my hair looks like right now.

Side view and top view of my style. For someone who has “two left hands” when it comes to styling, I am quite happy with the results I got. I wonder why my hair comes up white in this light?

I have loosened my braids, had twists for a few days and I am now rocking a bun. It was easy peasy. I can’t even begin to tell you how much. My inspiration came from this video above. The first time I saw it was here: http://naturalselectionblog.com/2012/07/12/4-styles-in-10-minutes-wow/

She makes it look easy and after trying the Twisted Bun yesterday, I have to say that it was. To be successful with styling your hair like she has done, it needs to be moisturized and must have been stretched beforehand. If your hair is dry and you try to manipulate it like that, a lot of breakage is gonna come your way and we don’t want that.

Remember that my hair had been stretched by my box braids/twists. If you try any of the styles, please share with me on my facebook page



I can’t wait for my hair to get longer so I can enjoy more out styles. I wish they could nip some of the length from you and Nat Mane and add to my own. Two inches from you, two inches from her. 2+2=4 plus my own 7=11! Well you wish! *smiles* Such fabulous hair doesn’t come easy. Pretty hair, always.


Oooh…saw that video also, got excited, then immediately fell into my bad hair habits. Must.try.harder.

Writing can be tough sometimes but you gotta keep at it!


Everybody, oya clap for NN!! Nice but simple updo.
You see, you aren’t as style challenged as you think. Thumbs up.


I like the fact that you post pictures of your hair now! I saw that video some time ago, but i didn’t try it on my hair since it was too short then. But now I can, though my bun looks more like a mini bun. Her hair is obviously moisturized and doesn’t tangle easily for her to be able to show all those styles in less that 10min! The stretchy combs are great! styling options are endless with them, though you have to be careful when removing them from your hair.

Keep sharing your hair styles with us 🙂


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