We came across this video while out and about on the interweb. Fascinating stuff. Apparently the same people that said that red palm oil was bad for us are now saying that it is actually good for us.

A lot of Africans had actually cut this oil out from their diet because it was deemed to be a bad fat which would build up bad cholesterol. Now we are told that it can reduce bad cholesterol by 40% in a month.

The most interesting part of the video to us was how it was incorporated into meals…as a replacement for butter on bread and in oats? Amazing!

Looking forward to reading the new journal articles covering this new research. When we know more, you will know more. 



yes!!! Argh its a bit frustrating isn’t it? There is so much conflicting information out there. One decade it is fats=EVIL, the next it actually helps loose weight aka Atkins only to be told, wait you actually need carbs, now we back to the whole Paleo movement! My sister I tire o.

I personally believe plant fats (and a mostly plant based diet anyway) are the best/safest way to go. Seems like I have to explore more ways to use my palm oil since its Dr. Oz approved! I eat an avocado a day and dont even get me started on coconut and so far I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. But then again, everyone’s body processes and uses energy differently, so I guess a holistic approach is best, diet exercise and lifestyle.

Natural Nigerian

I won’t be surprised if next decade there will be yet another research discovery that counteracts this one.

I agree with you on a plant based diet being the way to go.


This people always contradict themselves>.for me any thing natural is good as long as its used in moderation shikena! that why i dont touch margerine and all those their butter alternatives. the only Im consider cutting out is in stew..cus really the oil from the meat stock is for palm oil my rule of thumb is use just a little dont smother ur foods in oil.


It’s great to think that palm oil is so great. We’ve increased it a lot in our diet over the past year. But having it bad one day then good the next makes me skeptical..


Palm oil , to me …is still the best natural oil to date.. too bad it stains a lot.I cook with it, make soaps with it and also use it on my hair…and recently started doing the oil cleanse with it…(NN, you got to try it, that’s if you dont mind the stains
I think the oil just got a bad publicity due to the saturated fat it contains and alsobecause of the Orangutan that are killed in a lot of places..just to plant palm trees.. 🙁

Natural Nigerian

Palm Oil for OCM? That is indeed interesting. Yes, the unethical planting methods gave it a bad rap. The fact that it is full of saturated fats then hung a noose around its neck :).


Yes ooo…. but it has to go through the microwave first….I use it mixed with olive oil or sweet almond oil…works well for me

Adura O

Interesting! I just got sent this by my sister and she asked me what I thought.

I use coconut oil more in my diet because it’s considered a “healthy saturated fat”, it has many benefits including being great for heart health, metabolism, thyroid gland and more. I didn’t even think to check palm oil because they act the same way – solid at room temp, etc (maybe because I never really cooked with it so it wasn’t hard to remove from my diet).

I haven’t watched this video to the end but what I’ll say is this could do a lot of people more harm than good. People who are currently on high carb diets might include all this palm oil in their diet and high carb PLUS high fat will do most more harm than good. I can’t really explain the science behind it but it has to be one or the other. Eg a lot of vegetarians (the ones who are health conscious) are on high carb diets but have almost completely cut out fats and on the other end, the high fat diets eg Paleo have very low carbs. And don’t get me started on vegetarians’ opinions of Paleo and Paleo’s opinion of vegetarianism. If words could kill… !

Also: High fat diets promote the use of butter (as long as it’s from grass fed cows). I know someone who has a tablespoon of coconut oil every night and has raved about the results.

As much as Dr Oz and this other guy are promoting palm oil, there are still going to be people (experts) out there screaming that this is the worst thing to do to the body.

Sorry for my long-winded commented, hope I made some sense.

PS I just remembered a comment someone left on a friend’s facebook page. They follow the paleo lifestyle and cook a lot of their food in grass fed butter (and coconut oil), someone left a rude comment about how unhealthy that was and they were wrong for promoting the use of butter. Funny thing is the owners (a couple) of that page are in the best shape of their lives (so far, anyway) AND are very healthy too – huge improvement in their skin, stubborn injuries finally getting better, great gut health, etc.

PPS I apologise if there are any typos.

chioma O.

They have to make it look good. With all the bad buzz about trans fat most big corporations have moved on to palm fruit oil n guess who sponsors the research


Red palm oil rocks so hard! It’s our indigenous food and thus part of the (in my opinion) healthiest diet in the world.
Why do I say that?
Well I think if you want to assess a diet properly, look at the bodies of the people who’ve been eating that unadulterated diet for 100’s or 1000’s of years.

By that measure, the west african diet of yam/cassava staple plus green veggies, seeds, beans, some fish, fresh fruit, a little meat and palm oil is by far the best, because it produces beautiful healthy well built bodies, glossy skin with strong dense bones (despite the lack of dairy), and beautiful strong white teeth.

Good luck finding all these features as a standard amongst the consumers of other so called ‘healthy diets’ such as the much lauded ‘mediterranean diet’.

I mostly ignore the scientists; some of the info they provide is useful but nutritional science in the west is far from complete and is constantly being updated and there are too many vested business & political interests for western research to be truly objective and impartial. For example, the research in the 40’s and 50’s damning saturated fats such as coconut and palm oil was sponsored by the producers of hydrogenated vegetable oils.


I never ever believed for once that palm oil was bad, anything that is not native to their land or not studied by them is baddddddddddd, i’m not surprised to see this video at all, i mean palm oil is one of the very few sources of vitamin a ( because of its red colour). thank God they have finally seen the light.


Please tell me you’ve tried this on your hair. It makes the hair feel so soft and moisturised and AMAZING! I DCed with it while I was transitioning. It was so hard to wash out thoroughly, yeah, but the results were GREAT! I might try it out again, dunno. I just need to figure out a weekend I’ll be free enough to spend time thoroughly washing it out.

Natural Nigerian

hey Samantha! What exactly did you try? Palm Oil or Palm Kernel Oil? If it was the former, heat (the hotter the water, the better) and a generous dose of shampoo are your friends for getting it out. Close hair cuticles with cold water afterwards. I use Palm Kernel Oil. I am really curious to know if it was the yellow stuff (Palm Oil) you put in your hair.

Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

lol, I saw two-three brands of red palm oil at a health food store when I went to go check out some stuff. I had to read very closely into the label because I thought they meant to write palm kernel oil. I didn’t really look into the reason why it was there. But I guess if Dr. Oz says it’s good, then every health food store would be wise to start carrying it.
The thing about science is that every scientist would say what they want you to believe and another scientist will come after them to proof them wrong, and the war keeps going.
one thing for sure, research is annoying and confusing!

Natural Nigerian

Hey Adeola, I really don’t agree that if Dr. Oz says it, it has to be true. I am also not fully sold on this Palm Oil story…I need to see the research.


Hi , great info you’ve got. Weldone. Would love to have the details of how to get Elizabeth Kafaru’s book please.
Thank you.


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