Here are some equipment that we love and which have helped us maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


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A clean face is the first step towards clearer complexion and ultimately smoother skin. A Clarisonic claims to clean the face 6 times better than when hands are used. After owning this product for about six months, we can state that it does what it promises and more. For one thing, you will find that you will use less product on your face. This is primarily due to the fact that your face is so clean, the products don’t have to combat a layer of dirt before sinking in to do its job.

Price wise, it can be described as a good deal. The Clarisonic (which starts at ~$80) can last years – all you need to do is to change the brush head every 3 months. At about $13 for one brush head, that does not work out badly at all. 


Bread Maker

Nigeria has certain staple foods. Bread is an important one. However, most of the bread sold in the shops can be described as “foodless food” as they are not at all nutritious.

If you are trying to practice a healthier life style and are unready to give up bread, making your own is the next best thing. Imagine making real wholewheat bread or using almond flour to come up with a healthier bread? Yes, we know that you can bake in your oven but this machine handles the mixing, kneading, resting and baking of bread leaving you free to do other things. 

This Philips bread maker costs about N15,000 in Nigeria. 


Despite owning it for over 2 years now, we still absolutely love this machine. The Vitamix is a useful tool for all who wish to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diets. The 2 Horse Power engine ensures that vegetables and fruits are blended down to enzymatic levels which is where it is most nutritious and thus beneficial for human beings. It can be used for making hot soups and healthy, cold ice-cream as well as any smoothie your mind can conjure. Use it for making peanut butter which contains only peanuts. No sugar or the other additives you get in the store bought version. 

Throw in the Vitamix Dry blender jug and you will be able to grind your nuts and grains for baking. An amazing investment indeed. 

Meat Grinder – Actually part of a food processor

Nigerians are meat lovers and usually find it very difficult to give up meat.

What?!! You mean no more spaghetti and meat balls? Sacre Bleu!

Luckily this machine which also has a juice extractor attachment and dry blender also has the ability to grind meat. That means one can buy skinless chicken – or better yet prep some by taking the skin off chicken – and then with their own choice of spices and condiments, mince it. 

Its name is Tamashi and it costs ~N6,500 at the Park and Shop on Adeola Odeku. Please note that this was purchased a few years ago and so this particular machine may be out of stock. You should be able to find a substitute though. This was actually advertised as a meat grinder amongst other things. 


Natural hair loves moisture. It penetrates better under higher-than-normal temperatures. Steaming provides a “wet” heat rather than a dry heat which a lot of Naturalistas avoid (with good reason). The Huetiful Steamer is portable and can be packed away after use which works for those of us that lack space. Price wise, it may not seem like a steal but when you compute the cost of monthly salon steam treatments, you will realize that this is a pretty good deal.

What equipment do you find that have made your natural lifestyle a bit easier? 



Hmmm …. I want thebread maker and juicer o. Where in Naija can we find the Vitamix and Bread maker please?

Natural Nigerian

The bread maker can be found at most stores like Game. Vitamix go hard as I haven’t ever seen it anywhere here. I had to buy mine abroad and then bring it down.


i would love to own the vitamix but since i can’t afford that yet i would like to say the breville ikon that i am managing does an amazing job. i am considering getting that hair steamer, it seems to be a fav for naturals

Natural Nigerian

I hadn’t heard of the Breville Ikon, but will check it out. The one that I am familiar with is the Nutri-bullet. I keep hearing about it but I don’t personally know of anyone that actually owns it.


I own 2 type of Nutribullet Nutrition extractors and have quite few tens to people. Feedbacks have been amazing.

African Naturalista

This portable hood dryer… I have three questions for you o. Where can one get it, how much is it, and is it durable for salon use? I appreciate your reply. Thanks


Please when will you have the Huetiful Steamer back in stock ? Or do you know people that have it in Lagos ?


Please, where can i get a steamer in Lagos. I use a heat cap to steam my hair but it is sooo not the same thing…


pls won’t mind been informed if there’s a place I can get d vitamix blender here in Nigeria, probably those who sell fairly used kitchen gadgets in all these big warehouses in Lagos. pls did u adjust the voltage of the vitamix when u bought it?


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