As you may have guessed by my throwing it in your face so very often :), I am a big proponent of all things Natural. How much so, I haven’t even begun to share on this blog. I am also quite sensible about most things including my inclination for all things natural. I do not ever assume that an item is good for me just because it is natural. 

Mother Nature?


As an example, we know that it is not all plants that are fit for human consumption – even for touching – as it may lead to a severe reaction. Good examples are poison ivy and inedible mushroom. Another point is that what works for one will not necessarily work for all. With factors like

  • different body chemistry
  • pre-existing illnesses
  • age
  • sex 
  • levels of activity

and much more, it stands to reason that this theory is correct. 

Also, I find that there sometimes appears to be no restraint in terms of quantity in consumption or use of Natural products. Even if something is good for you, a lot of it will certainly be bad for you. A book I once read said that water is good for our consumption but even drinking too much of it is bad for us. 

So what am I trying to say here? 

  • Be Natural, try things with an open mind but always keep a log of how you react to things (especially if this reaction is adverse) so that you do not endanger your health, skin or hair.
  • Start small and then scale up when using a new natural product. Don’t be shy to scale down or completely stop using the product if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Read the experiences of others that have used these natural products but do not assume that your experience will be definitely be the same. 
  • If you have any health issue, you will still need to get advice from your doctor before you ingest or use natural products.

In case you are confused as to why I am dedicating a post to this, the answer is simple: I have heard way too many stories. I will share the highlights of a few with you. 

  • Folks drinking Apple Cider Vinegar neat or barely diluted because they want to get the full effect ( I won’t even comment on this one).
  • A reader wanted to get the full effect of her essential oil (to guard against hair breakage) and used it barely diluted in a carrier oil and at a point, neat. Her hair has fallen off, the poor dear. Essential oils are potent – to be used sparingly.
  • Reader reading/hearing that Henna was a good “conditioner” and doing a Henna treatment without following it up with a deep conditioning treatment. This led to dry hair and ultimately hair breakage.
  • Using a preservative free skin care product which unfortunately was hosting microbial growth. This led to skin irritation. ( I would advice if it is a DIY, make and use small batches at a time  and if the recipe calls for water, use purified water)

Natural products are generally good for you but do not automatically assume that they are benign products that cannot do you harm.



I read about a woman who actually suffered severe brain damage because she took too much water. She was one unfortunate woman that has a condition where too much water distabilises the sodium water balance in the body. It removes the sodium barrier around the brain and makes the brain permeable to water molecules. This puts pressure on the cranial wall. I do not know about the technical words but I understood when I read it. Another man with the same condition actually died. The woman in question is as good as a vegetable now. If I am taking excess water for detox, I always at a point add some baking soda. To maintain that balance. Another natural but dangerous product if not taken in moderation is MSM powder. It is a good natural detoxifier but if your body is laden with toxins, you MUST go slow or you are asking for disaster. Castor oil relieves constipation but too much will give you the runs. Too much moringa oleifera will cause you hypotension. Taking neem tea in excess when your body is lade with toxins may irreversibly damage your liver. To add to what the blogger said about essential oils, continous use of even the diluted oil can be irritating to some individuals. When I use rosemary essential oil continously, I develop a splitting headache. Then I back off for a while. Please if your body says no, respect it. Celery gives me a headache, terrible nausea and keeps me agitated for more than 30 minuites.It makes me lightheaded till I almost faint. My system screams NOOOO… when it perceives celery. I will rather go through labour than be in a room with celery! Natural is good, but please lets be educated. Good post!


I whip my own shea butter with a blend of oils such as argan and coconut. Should I be adding a preservative?


WOW!!! Thanks a lot for this information. I could be an extremist when I get interested in anything, good to know that too much could be damaging. Hmmmmm I’m still shocked that TOO MUCH WATER is a problem. I’m a water drinker!!!! But I guess 8 to 10 cups a day is fine?

Natural Nigerian

It can be ingested for weight loss purposes and these things don’t always come with instructions and not everyone does their research. She genuinely did not know.

Debbie Oruma

Seriously loving your page and the info. I’d like to know if you sell Arrowroot, Chamomile flowers and Calendula flowers either dried or fresh. Didn’t see this in your Ahia page. As for what you shared, moderation and awareness(thru reading) is the cure. I believe a lot in nature and have decided to use organically homemade things on my unborn baby like powder and cream as some of the counter products have dangerous substances and chemicals that’s harmful but I make those in batches and also mind my hygiene level. For instance, each baby cream doesn’t last more than 3months tho I read it can stay for 6months.

Natural Nigerian

Hello Debbie, thank you for the kind words. We do not sell those items – not a lot of demand for it. Well done for considering giving your baby a natural lifestyle – I assume this will spill over to diet and all. Please come back from time to time and let us know how it is going.


Beautiful post….
The bottom line is too much of any thing is harmful thats why the world was created in a balanced state.
Learn to listen to your body, most people dont even read instructions let alone follow them. modration is the key, food is good but when you over eat you throw up, the air we breath is good, but when your air supply is rushed it spells disaster for your heart.
please and please always take it slow and steady and read/follow instructions to the letter.

Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

someone put undiluted essential oil straight on their scalp? Drank undiluted ACV?
My my! I use to do henna, but have put it in hold because its just too messy, and I don’t like the scratchy texture of it. It makes me feel like i’m rubbing sand in my hair or scrubbing sand paper in it. the after effect is good though, but the smell and stains doesn’t entice me. I guess i’m not a Henna advocate.
What are your thoughts about drinking lots of water as a way to keep the hair (which is several inches out of your body) hydrated. And eating healthy (going on several diets and taking extra supplements) as a way to keep the hair healthy? I mean if hair is truly dead, must we put ourselves, body and wallet through all the stress in keeping it looking cute? My opinion is that while what you put in your putty might be a reflection of what comes out of it, what’s most important is the care given to it afterwards.


Hi Debbie Oruma I love that you use natural stuff for you baby that’s super cool. I just had a baby a would not mind some pointers thanks.

Hi natural Nigerian pls how do I order can’t see how to also I love your blog happy I found it. Kai I just did my big chop off soooo happy I order my hair stuff from you guys. Pls will you be getting jojoba and argan oil any time soon? thanks


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