At the meet up, a lady that had attended the last NITC and follows me actively on facebook came by my stall with her niece, Fernande Browne. Little did I know that meeting was going to change my hair styling woes forever.

Fernande Browne contacted me on Facebook a day or so later to say that she styles hair and would like to volunteer to speak at the next meet up. I have heard that claim quite a few times so of course I had to go and verify for myself. By Wednesday, I had presented myself to her with an open mind to see if she could substantiate her claim. Here is what I was looking for:

  •   How she would part my hair
  •   How she would comb my hair
  •   What style she would give me – I left that up to her.
  •   How long the hair style would last. (indication of the value I would be getting for my money)

After about 3.5 hours of working on my hair, here’s what I got.

Now, am I satisfied with this? On a scale of 1-10, I would easily give her a 9. I only deduct points for something which is not really her fault – my hair is like a dense forest and parting it is never an easy task – even when it is detangled. However, once I mentioned this to Fernande, she immediately tried to do it a bit gentler. Now, I will score her:

  •    How she would part my hair (4/5). I have explained why above.
  •    How she would comb my hair (5/5) –She held it at the roots and combed out the tips properly before tackling the roots. I hardly felt any pain.
  •   What style she would give me – I left that up to her. (5/5) – She gave me a style which was wearable at the office – I did not look like a child which is what I have found that a lot of people that claim they do natural hair style my hair as – they don’t handle adult natural hair so cannot really come up with a style that would work for an adult. 
  •   How long the hair style would last. (indication of the value I would be getting for my money) – I honestly thought I was going to get a style that would last a few days, I was going to call a lady in to braid my hair on Friday but there is absolutely no need now. This hair style can absolutely last 4weeks if properly taken care of. I am probably going to do 3 weeks and go back to Fernande Browne for another style.

After she was done with my hair, I hugged her (I was so happy to have finally found a natural hair stylist that whom I could afford and whose work I did not have to “manage). You want to contact her? Let me know below and I will email you a number. 

UPDATE: Fernande now works at the Apples and Oranges Spa in Lagos.


10 Balarabe Musa Crescent,

Off Samuel Manuwa, Opposite 1004 Flats,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.
  • 0817 109 9966
  • 0817 109 9967
  • 0817 109 9968



Lovely style she came up with.absolutely adult n tidy.can I have her number.thank you

Nene Dianne

This blog is on point and am so happy that natural could look this good, kudos to the bloger and to the stylist


Thank you very much for your kindness to share with us.your hair is lovery,please give me her phn no and number is 0806xxxx261, Estherfrm lagos


Oh my! This post is causing all kinds of excitement in me…I was smiling whilst reading it. I need that number asap, my friend has been looking for someone to style her hair for a while now but my hausa hair plaiter can’t go to her(she’s not allowed to leave the house, husband’s instruction *smh*)..I am also looking for someone different too for my hair, for variety sake.did I mention I need the number asap? Hope she’s affordable.


I don’t actually live in Nigeria but I’m happy to see people actually taking time out to understand and appreciate their natural hair. It’s a wonderful thing. And I love this blog. Keep up the good work!


I’d like her number please. Does she work strictly by appointment? I’d love to go this Saturday. How much did she charge you for this? Thanks.

Natural Nigerian

She does work by appointment only. I decided not to share how much it cost me as it would depend on the style and other factors. I will email you shortly.


this is soo nice.. i could barely sit still and read. a natural hair stylist in lagos that knows how to comb natural hair??? this is amazing news for any natural in lagos


This is good news. I’m soooo tired of hair stylists using rat-tail combs to comb through my hair! Her number pls, and does she have a salon?


May I have her number please?
Not sure if I missed it in the post, but what part of Lagos does she hold consultations?


May I please have her number? Also, where in Lagos is she based, and does she do home visits? Thanks in advance.