NITC5 held in Lagos on the 6th of April. As always, we had a good turn-out. It never fails to surprise me just how many people come out to these events. While we have a team of people who have pretty much never missed an event, we also get new people at everyone. It is very humbling that we can draw such a crowd every time.

We had over 10 vendors in attendance selling products that a lot of people obviously came a long way to get. I would like to thank our vendors – apart from the fact that they ensure that all your junkie needs are met (and exceeded), they also help to fund the meet up and make it free for participants to attend. Another big supporter is the Omenka Gallery in Ikoyi which allows us to use their space. They have a lovely garden with a water view where one can purchase drinks, snacks and food when not viewing the awesome paintings they have inside.

Unfortunately, we had some challenges on the day of the meet-up – a speaker could not make it, our compere – Chigo, was unavoidably absent, the projector didn’t work – but I think it worked out in the end. However, thanks to the experience at this meet up, we have determined that we will definitely begin planning for the next one earlier. The date has not been chosen yet but it will be in July.

We are already in talks with a stylist who will be on hand at the next one to offer tips, styles and more. Expect to see a few things being done differently at the next one.

Enough talk, you want to see the picture from the events…I have loads! 

Let’s start with the close-up views of the hair styles that were on display that day. 

 Let’s look at faces now shall we? Pictures thanks to Maje Ayida of Eden Lifestyle

Sherese Ijewere of Caribbean Health Nigeria. Co-organizer of the Meet-Ups

Ladies, I hope this is sufficient proof that all are welcome – including those that have weaves and relaxed hair 😉

We love children!

Beautiful Nwanne



Dr Ijewere, his wife Sherese, Lola of Namaste Organics and Maje Ayida of Eden Lifestyle

We had speakers who spoke (naturally) on several topics

Freddy of Freddy’s beauty touch. Cosmetologist talking about Growing hair healthy with Aromatherapy.


Sherese Ijewere of Carribean Health (Certified Nutritionist)

Maje of Edenlifestyle giving his perspective on natural hair

Dr Ijewere (Oncologist) receiving feedback after sharing his view on natural hair.

Maje Ayida

Feedback from audience member

Marionette giving her opinion

Marionette again

Now, let’s step outside. Omenka Gallery boasts a lovely garden and a calming view of the lagoon.

The African Naturalista Stand

Fashion Strings – Hair Accessories

The Bubble and Scents stand

Left: Namaste Organics stand on the left, Natural Nigerian stand on the right.

Sizelle Store Stand with Dr. Fomsky

The Namaste Organics Stand

 There were more vendors there but unfortunately I don’t have more pictures…if I find some, I will upload them. 



finally pictures!I feel like I was there in spirit. *nowcountingdowntojulymeetup*


I really can’t wait to be back home and start attending the meetups. I’ve been attending meetups here and they are a great resource for naturals. Well done team NITC. I know y’all nailed it as usual. And such an inspiration <3


That Maje is fina sha 🙂
oooooo I so want to visit my motherland, almost 28 and have NEVER set foot in this great land known as Nigeria 🙁 See beauties over there.


Great Job NN, it feels good to see that more ladies and gents are tuning in to this lovely awareness. I hope to be there for the next…well done dear 🙂


Hello NN….. Can’t believe I only found about your blog and your “ahia” recently when i ordered some oils from you. Its been sooo informative.

I recently started a skin care line (all natural) and would really like to be at one of your meetups so I can meet others who are in the same business. Also it can be a way to sort of introduce my products to people.

How do i get to be a part of it?

PS: I have relaxed hair and I am currently rocking brazillian hair extensions *hides face*…:)

Natural Nigerian

Hi Sisieko,

The next one is on the 6th of July. Just write to nn@naturalnigerian and I will add you to the vendor list when I am sending them out. Brazilian/relaxed hair does not matter to us.


Hi canI get on the mailing list to be notified of the next event please.


I can’t believe I just found this blog today!!

I am transitioning to natural, about 1 year and 4 inches gone (still have my relaxed tips). I have been searching for natural stylists and products and this hook-up would have been really great for me, not happy I missed it *sadface*

When will you be having the next one in Lagos?


Hiya, would love to come to one of your meet ups, do you have a definitive date for the next one?


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