Capital Naturals 2 in Pictures

I apologize that this is coming so late - I have had a lot on my plate and bad internet connection did not help either.

We had an amazing outing on the 1st of June in Abuja and luckily we were able to capture some of the moments. These are just a few pictures. Chioma Momah of Bibi Naturals took so much more and I will provide a link once she puts up the others.

Just a few words before the pictures - I absolutely loved the ladies at this meet up. We had quite a number of people show up and stay till the very end. They took notes, they bore the heat and the delays. You girls were just amazing!

I did not like the venue very much and I am hoping that we can move it to Baytown in Apo (I hear Abuja folks have something against a place that is not in "town").  Let me know what you think if you live in Abuja.

Last thing: I would like to thank all of those that volunteered their time and resources to ensure that we pulled this off. Number one on my list being Chizy (check out her blog) - I cannot say enough good things about you. My fellow organizers - Nat. Mane and Chioma of Bibi Naturals made this easy to pull off. I couldn't have asked for more....

Enjoy the pictures. I start with faces and styles and lead you through some of the vendors (I don't have pictures of all but my co-organizers will put up those pictures soon. I'll update with a link when they do.

UPDATE: A post about the event from a fellow blogger.

The very beautiful and fashionable, Onyinye

Her hairdresser actually came with her - which I thought was so nice! Love it when stylists are open to trying new things.

Everyone loved her braid out!

Loved meeting you!

Teni has been a vendor at both events. Apart from selling hair care products, she also bakes and brings scrumptious cakes with her every time. I scoff them down in large amounts.

Our delightful compere!

Newly Natural

Miss O. Her mum shared a tip with us - when getting cornrows, add a bit of 'attachment'/hair to the ends which the beads can be attached to. That way, if the beads cause tangling when being removed, the hair can be cut away with no damage to the child's hair. A why-didn't-I-think-about-that! moment for me.

Mrs Ndaguba from this post:

Mrs Ndaguba selling her products

Branded items from Avana Vatia (check her out on facebook and tumblr).

Avana Vatia - the designer

The Olori stand

On the right is the Bibi Naturals stand. Whipped Shea butter, Coconut Oil and lip balms - all handmade and available in Abuja all the time. More on them soon.

Chizy, I really do not know how to thank you for all you did that day. You are such a darling!

18 thoughts on “Capital Naturals 2 in Pictures

  1. Geneva R. Nyei

    Hey there. Love the photoes and the styles. You know I am a Liberian and I live in Liberia. I am a natural as well. Please let me know next year when the next meet up will be. I would like to be a part. Appreciate you ladies.

  2. Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

    I wish I could be in Nigeria to be able to take part in the event. It would have been nice to see what you look like :)
    In regards to Miss O’s mom’s tips on children’s cornrows with beads, one must also know where the real hair ends, so you don’t end up cutting the child’s hair off! A common practice with single braids. I thoughts parents use small rubber bands to secure the beads and they dont actually tie the hair.

    p.s, I’ll be sending my pics for Natural Nigerians on your facebook page soon ;)


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