Healthy Snack Options in Nigeria

There is very little in the way of healthy snack options in Nigeria. We are just not there yet in our development, I think.

The absolute worst is getting to a cinema, local airport or other public place and needing to eat/drink something. Water is usually one's best bet. If not, there are various cans of soda and malt drinks as well as some alcohol. Imagine my absolute surprise to find real juice at the Osubi airport in Warri. 

Don't quite get the calorie count but it was delicious!

Watermelon variant

I had two bottles at a sitting and bought a few more to travel with. They were fresh and delicious. 

The other day, at Ozone Cinemas, I saw this. It would have gone unnoticed by me, but I was standing on a queue waiting for my popcorn and had time to read the ingredients. 

Click to enlarge so that you can see the ingredients.

It tasted alright. Not too sweet and comes in small servings (if you are counting your calorie intake).

I imagine that there are more out there and would like to highlight them. Please let me know if you know of any other healthy snacks.

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