NITC6 has come and gone. I had a lot of FUN at this event. I also had to dodge a lot of cameras as there were several bloggers there with cameras making sure that they got a shot of everything that was going on. Of course, as announced earlier via twitter and facebook, there was also an International News Agency there. They got there at the very beginning of the event and stayed till the end. I looked around and there was a local television channel also interviewing people and covering the event. I guess it is safe to say that we are getting a lot of attention now :)!

I would like to start off by thanking everyone that made this event a success. Let’s begin with Omenka Gallery. This was the 4th NITC event we were holding there.  They are very gracious about helping us to set things up and providing any support we need while the event is on.

Before the Gallery was re-arranged for NITC6, I walked into the Omenka Gallery and into an exhibition that was running called Soundspiration. I loved all of the art work, especially the sculptures – they were made with mixed media – tyres, fiber glass and more. If you are an art lover and want to be alerted when Omenka holds an exhibition or you want to rent the space for your event, go here.

You can also go there to enjoy the peaceful garden that overlooks the water and have some food or drinks.

My friend and compere extraordinaire, Chigo, was there to compere the event. I always breathe a sigh of relief when she is available to do this because I know that the various elements of the meet up will run smoothly. All she needs is an Agenda and she moves things along.  She has a blog, so please check her out – here. Thank you, Chigo. You teach me the meaning of the word: support. Bisous, mon cherie!

Omozo (who I met at the very first meet up and who has remained a friend) spoke about Choosing The Right Hairstyle. She also announced that she will be opening a Natural Hair Salon by end of the month. I imagine that she will let us know exactly when on her blog (here).

Wondrous is a Hair Stylist with a Salon in V/I. She spoke on several things, including managing one’s expectation when you go to the salon to get a style done. Your hair texture may not allow you to achieve a style someone with a different hair texture has. You can reach Wondrous on 0808.845.2485. Please let her know that you got her number from us!

The very bubbly and knowledgeable, Nory! I practically ambushed her. She was so kind to give this talk because she had such short notice. I literally told her about it when she got there and she jumped right in and gave a spectacular presentation on using Make-up. Tip: If you do up your eyes, you can get away with minimal/barely there make-up on other parts of your face. To give you a bit of a background on Nory, she does make-up on photo shoots for magazines,  music videos and more. She has a colorful website here.

As usual, we had a few vendors there. Here are the two new ones.

Aweni Organics

YM Couture

And naturally, a shameless plug for the Ahia Natural Nigerian 🙂

Now, on to hair styles and accessories. You will notice a trend with the accessories. Lagos is currently quite humid so not all twist outs and other styles made it to the event safely :).

There were some transitioners in our midst. I feel that some of them came by to see things for themselves before making up their minds. There was no better place to come to assurance that it can be done.

Now for a full view of hair styles

During Omozo’s talk, she asked everyone to get up and talk to at least two people about their hair. I thought it was a fantastic idea! Broke the ice, got people to know about each other and also got them to glean knowledge from other participants.

And then they all settled into their seats to listen.

You can view more pictures here and here and here


Ebele Isioma Afuberoh

Well done, NN! I like my tag: ‘A Transitioner’. It’s all about a journey isn’t it?
The pictures are very good.
God bless you for all you do; NITC was a big encouragement. 🙂

Natural Nigerian

It is quite a journey and only you can determine your ultimate destination. I have been natural about 4 years now and I am not quite there.

I am so glad that you came by and that you were encouraged. I find that seeing so many natural haired people at Meet Ups make one feel “at home” and not so alone. Look forward to seeing you at more events.

Thank yo for the kind words.


Wow! Congrats on a successful event. I’m so inspired just looking at the photos, I can’t wait to attend a meet up.
keep up the good work NN!

Natural Nigerian

Thank you so much Beeba! There is a team of people that pull this off so I can’t take all the credit. Hopefully, we’ll see you at the next one later on this year.


Yay!! I see myself (twisted cornrows ands twists :D)….please lets have more of these kinda events. I enjoyed it especially d makeup bit given that till this very day I wear no makeup


great job. now lets make it a campaign! this is so great. i would like to read more about how people feel about themselves with natural hair, what does it mean to them? what does the change mean to them? i run youth programmes and want to start the dialogue about natural hair with the young girls. this is a great time as many of them have short hair for secondary school so they will have to make decisions when they grow out. i would also like to see this hit the campuses, i am seeing some natural hair here and there at OAU. mostly among the Christian conservatives i believe, but it is a place to start.

great job all of you lovely hair ladies! after 15 years of pushing the natural hair on my own head, i am glad to see more followers hit naija!


I feel like crying, my plans to come were destroyed on the day of the event. It’s such a lovely spread; the event just keeps getting bigger and better!
Keep going! and one day I’ll defy all others and come for NITC!! 😉


Wow! Very lovely and inspiring pictures. Thank you so much for putting this together. Every single one of you ladies are an inspiration. Three of my sisters and niece attended the event and loved it. I have personally been natural for 17 months and i have encouraged my sisters to go natural and take care of themselves – eat better, exercise etc. Educating today’s generation is building a better future for children and children’s children. Well done for a successful event!


Oh i wouldn’t have missed it if i was in Nigeria. I’ll always attend the ones here in UK

Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

wow, i love the garland. Nice to see other Vloggers and Bloggers. I see Berry and Sisi Yemmie. Love the labels of the pictures.
Very nice shopping bag too. awesome work!
Now I look forward to reading what the “international” news agency had to say about the event 😉


What a wonderful event. I’m really sorry thatI was unable to attend this one, however I look forward to future events.

Well done! It’s heartwarming to finally see many Nigerian women embracing their natural textures.


Fab! Fab! Fab! I’m so gutted I missed this – definitely looking forward to the next one and will definitely be at the Apples and Oranges event this Saturday as I know you’ll be speaking! I’ll be opening up a natural hair salon next week on the island and it will be nice to speak with many more natural sistas like myself.


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