A week ago, I received a mail from a lady asking me to come and check out the salon at Apples & Oranges Spa and she even offered me a free hair-do and other freebies. This posed a problem as I am not a big fan of freebies and even though I have been offered quite a few as Natural Nigerian, I haven’t taken them up.

Anyhoo, long story short – after hemming and hawing, seeing the place and not getting my hair did, I finally did sit down and get my hair done yesterday. Here is the result.

I had cornrows and twists. No extensions at all.

My sister also got her hair done!

Cornrows and a twist out. The picture doesn’t do this style justice.

Not only were they able to knock these styles together in about 1 hour (detangling my hair took about 30 minutes so I am not including that), they did a whisper soft job of it. No pulling, tugging. They asked me what I had done with my hair ( I had co-washed but not deep conditioned) and what I wanted to do. They were also quite generous with their products which is sometimes an issue at Salons because you know how natural hair just drinks products. Especially my kind of overtly thirsty hair.

Now, Apples and Oranges wants to extend the same thing to you – Yes, free hair dos, and a change of nail polish. All you have to do is show up at the Salon on Saturday, 03.August.2013. They are celebrating a year of being in business and apart from the free hair dos, they have arranged to have several experts in skin care, hair care and fitness give small talks. There will also be lots to see, eat and drink. It will be quite an experience.

I will be there, selling some of our products and will give a short talk as well.

See you then! More information on the flyer below

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Sanni Oluwatoyin

Oh my my…its so beautiful..i will visit there when i come to Lagos

Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

only an hr? that’s fast! I can’t imagine there wasn’t any tearing involved with such a speedy service. there’s no hurt in trying something, especially when it’s free!
beautiful hair! goes with your cornrow theme on facebook this week


The flier isn’t clear! Please write down details of what it says, as per venue, time, etc. And I do hope you’d be coming with Lavender essential oil. I’ve been having a ball with some of your products I bought at the last Natural Hair seminar in Ikoyi.
Thank you

Natural Nigerian

Hi! I am sorry. Just saw this. I hope you made it out to the event. I am so glad that you like our products. Hope to see you again at the next meet up.


I like how Nigeria is so well developed in these areas, and the braids looked fabulous


These are very nice. I get tired of styling my own hair so this is a breath of fresh air.

Natural Nigerian, I also know how to style hair. I am currently transitioning so I am extra careful with hair.

Would you like to try me?


Since Apples and Oranges is for lagos, is there a similar place like it in Ibadan that takes care of “naturalistas”? In one of your interviews you said yoghurt is good for hair and body, will fan yoghurt do? if not can you help with names of natural yoghurt products.

Natural Nigerian

Hi Abiodun,

I don’t know about a salon in Ibadan. I haven’t been contacted by anyone trying to do focus on natural hair care there and since I am not resident there, it will be hard for me to tell if there is indeed any similar place.

I really can’t remember talking about yoghurt since I rarely eat it or use it on my skin/hair. However, the one that I know a lot of people use is greek yoghurt. Also if there is an Indian store around you, you may want to try their own.


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