I am clearly coming out of my anonymous shell, lol!  TVC’s “A Woman’s World” interviewed me recently for their Natural Hair Episode. It was really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bunmi, Christie and Ope on this. I even got some make-up on (my daughter declared that I looked weird, lol).

My daughter was in the room with me while this interview was being conducted (Hey, sweetie!) so I was keeping an eye on her and answering questions at the same time.

The salon that they filmed in is Apples and Oranges. You may recognize some of the folks in the video from this post.


Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

lol, your daughter has never seen you with make-up? it’s not even that much!
btw, I notice you don’t post on kids haircare anymore, not like I have one anyway.
I love it when you mentioned that relaxed hair can also be healthy hair. The only reason many naturals have healthy long hair is because they do A LOT of things they never did with their relaxed hair and stopped doing the things they use to. Relaxed girls can also have healthy long hair if they practice the same habits.

Natural Nigerian

I think it will be fair to say that in her entire life (almost 8 years), I have probably only been properly made up about 3 time, lol! So you can imagine how very different I looked to her.

Yes, I think that it is a fair assessment of relaxed hair. The relaxed hair bloggers usually have healthier hair than their other counterparts because they actually take CARE of it. With relaxed hair, it appears to be so “manageable” that a lot of people just let it run itself….I feel a post coming on…lol!

Dr Jekyll

Hmmm…Finally outed? Looking good NN (wink). Good to know that natural doesn’t just mean “wilderness”. Natural hair needs nurturing too.


I did a serious happy palm rub when i was about to start watching this video. I was excited to finally see NN… Great interview


Aha… So this is what you look like! Gorgeous and flawless skin. Great interview. Xx


Aww!!! this is good NN! infact love everything aboutyou, including the way you talk everything looks so natural. Like the hair do just that i dont think my front hair will permit me on this as in i dont have it at all….. sobs!!!!

Natural Nigerian

Thank you, but my skin is not flawless. I admit that it is above average but it is quite dry and I have a few spots. The make-up covered some of this up and of course, the camera worked some magic.

I use my Clarisonic once a day and use these tips from time to time. I also do not wear a lot of make-up (if lip gloss counts), so my skin breathes. Hope this helps.


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