24 thoughts on “Natural Hair in Nigeria – Video

  1. Halima

    I was smiling all through the video. I’m really proud of you and what you do. More coconut oil to your fro AKA more grease to your elbow #imchessy #okbye

  2. Adeola @ TheManeCaptain

    love the video! you definitely have flawless skin. I started doing a honey cleansing method after you posted it on your facebook page.
    omozo’s hair is very beautiful and bouncy!
    i see African Naturalistas hair products on there too..


  3. Kemi

    I love it! It’s great to finally be able to put a face to the wonderful brand that is Natural Nigerian. I wish you the very best now and always. Meanwhile, the last interview with the hair stylist, is that a salon in Lagos? If it is, I’ll love to know where. Some of us are earnestly waiting for Omozo to open her salon :D Well done ladies.

  4. Clare Chona

    Glad to know Africa is increasing in the all natural look! Would love to keep in touch with…..Ahia? Is that her name. I’ve been a natural thirteen years now and loving it. Keep in touch :). Clare Chona, Zambia

  5. Ruqayya


    I am very interested in sourcing Palm Kernel Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter in large quantities.

    Will you be able to help?


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