Health Store in Lagos – Fig Health Store

This is NOT a sponsored post and I did not get any free products for doing this post. 

A few weeks ago, I went to Fig Store in Lekki. I daresay it is the first dedicated health store in Lagos. All the items have been picked out to support a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Their offerings range from cosmetics to vitamins. Grains to sweeteners and much more. 

I got talking to the owner of the store, Bimbo, and asked her why she had decided to open the store. Apparently, her husband (and by extension the entire family) had to undergo a lifestyle change due to some medical issues. That was when she discovered how difficult it was to buy certain foods locally.  This is something I fully understand as I have friends with autistic children who have to buy E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G from candy to milk abroad.  Fig Store is helping to bring these foods closer to those who need them locally.

I was also glad to hear that they weren’t stopping there. They have ambitious plans to expand and add even more items to the store. 

One of the things that I like about the store is that they offer to whip your shea butter free of charge there. So you can buy your Shea butter, oils and essential oils and have it all whipped and packed up before you leave the store. Free of Charge. Sweet deal, abi? They also mix black soap for you with camwood and more. 

Fantastic deal!

One of the items I have my eye on is a diffuser which I will use for aromatherapy at home. It is my intention to go back soon to pick it up.

Follow them on twitter here. They are located at 20, Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase 1.

Here are a few more pictures of the store.

Vitamins and other supplements from A -Z

Have some tea!


Remember local Pumice stones? I grabbed 3 of these.

Grains and more

All sorts of milk


Wholesome Juice

23 thoughts on “Health Store in Lagos – Fig Health Store

  1. nnenna

    it seems your price for essential oils is cheaper? am not sure just looking at the prices on the pictures. I will check this place out. can’t wait to see the place. just hope the prices are reasonable! you know lekki prices !!

    1. Natural Nigerian

      Post author

      I don’t view her as a competitor. I view her as someone who is making a difference and helping people to live healthier lives. There are a lot of NN readers that will gain immensely from knowing that Fig Health Store exists. Economically, Nigeria is made of ~170m people and if she controls 0.01% of the market and I get about the same number, I am happy! :)

  2. Natural Girl

    This is great news,NN you should also check out the Fruits/Veggies/Healthy food store on Awolowo Road Ikoyi. They make fresh juices and smoothies from products u pick out. Also affordable and they have a 2nd store in Ogba-Ikeja…

  3. Oma

    Usually I have a massive problem with the prices in all these stores. They are always outrageous. The other health store I know on Awolowo road in Ikoyi have prices too crazy to mention. But in a way I dont blame them- cost of importation and all that jazz.
    Thanks for sharing NN

    1. Natural Nigerian

      Post author

      I agree that sometimes the prices are a bit much but when we consider that a 16oz/1lb bottle costs $4.40 to get into the country (using air freight), the stores need to run diesel generators almost all day (N155 per liter minus maintenance of the generator), pay staff, pay rent in Lekki or Ikoyi, the pricing may begin to make sense.

  4. HMS

    Went to the store, and was only able to buy the black soap with is not as nice as those u get in the market. Also their things are super expensive, for that I won’t be visiting them anymore. Btw NN I’m yet to get invoice for my orders.

    1. Zed

      I had the same experience…went to get some almond milk and it was priced in thousands for a single carton…I understand all the reasons behind costs but most people cannot afford that, which defeats the purpose of encouraging people to eat clean. Perhaps the government can reduces taxes/customs on imported healthy food? Or we can start growing our own…

  5. Mofoluwasho

    This is such a fantastic idea. I especially like the offer to whip one’s shea butter and oil mixes in-store. Wish something like this would open in Abuja.

  6. Ese

    I dare say they’re not the only dedicated health store in Lagos. lol.. Also check out Havilah health shop @ Alausa Shopping Complex,Ikeja. First Floor.. This is not an advert. This is coming from a health nut. I buy all my health goods from them. They’re on the mainland and save me a trip to Lekki. :-)…

  7. Niki

    Oh my! I’m impressed. I was born and raised in London, England and have never been to Nigeria despite being born to Nigerian parents however I have thought about relocating and if shops like these exist over there then I might just think about moving there (although a visit would be necessary first). I see from the photos that they stock some of the brands I’m familiar with.

  8. Remi

    All these imported health food stores are great…..BUT wouldn’t it be even more fabulous if we could harness and package the potent natural products that we have here in Nigeria? There is so much here which is being lost because we all follow the western path….India has it’s Ayurvedic medicine which we all buy into, we buy int Chinese bout buying and developing Naija medicine to the point where it becomes international too?

    1. Niki

      Well said Remi :) Infact I was thinking about this the other day. Ghana are known for their Shea Butter, Black Soap and over here in the UK their chocolate bars called Divine. From South Africa come Rooibos Tea, the apples in my fridge are exported from there too but what about Nigeria?

  9. Remi

    The issue is Nikki, that if Nigerians were presented with an oyinbo product vs a well done local product….which one would they choose…chances are it will be a foreign product because somehow we don’t value what we have here and it is a tragedy! This is one of my major rants about the attitude generally. Our own just doesn’t seem good enough! Time to own our ourselves!!

  10. TheHealthnut

    Other health food stores in Lagos are Nutricenter (080-27151177) and Benbria’s Healthy Choices (080-65259897). They have been supporting the autism community in Nigeria with products for a few years now. La pointe supermarket also has a health food aisle.

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  12. eunice

    It’s not the first health store though but they have more health products. There’s a store in ikota shopping complex (the old one), sorry I don’t remember the name. I think it is road 5, but it is at end of the road.

  13. eunice

    It’s not the first health store though but they have more health products. There’s a store in ikota shopping complex (the old one), sorry I don’t remember the name. I think it is road 5 or road E don’t remember which it is, but it is at end of the road.


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