My hair now – October 2013

I am often asked if I do length checks and also how long my hair is. The answer is that I do not do length checks. They are really not that important to me as I am more focused on healthy hair than "lengthy hair" (had to make that rhyme, somehow).  I know that it is possible to have a balanced view, but I am not one of those that do. 

A few months ago, Nat. Mane worked her magic on my hair and I took a picture. So for those that asked, this is what my hair looks like now (well, approximately 2 months ago). 

 I will write another post detailing what Nat. Mane did. Later.

P.S - If you would like me to do more of these, let me know. 

26 thoughts on “My hair now – October 2013

  1. Kitchen Butterfly

    Wow, its long.

    I celebrated 5 months of going natural :-) and today I managed a decent afro puff. I’m loving it, discovering my natural curl pattern and loving me for me.

    I now need to work out a good care regime.

  2. uj

    Pls i want to place an order but i don’t knw how, i want flaxseed, cayenne and coconut oil and avocado oil . Pls reply

  3. Kator

    Yes,NN! Please, I want more of this. And your hair is soooo long and healthy. Your products and regimen will be nice too. :)

  4. ella

    Plz come do I mk my hair grow long n healthy…seriously I am so tired of d hair, I had 2 cut d hair 2 start all over again n my hair is growing but I want it 2 be full n long n also 2 stop cutting @ d front ie my front hair. I hv not relaxed it n I dnt instead 2 relax it 4ever, I want it natural…plz I nid help urgently…thanks n plz introduce me 2 a gud product but I am not in nigeria.

  5. ella

    Please how do I make my hair grow long and healthy. My hair is natural, I had to cut my hair and start again, now my hair is growing but not the way I want it to be. It looks stunted and it will be 2yrs by december. So I need your assistance or probably if you have a product I can use for my hair, please kindly introduce it to me. Thanks a lot.

  6. Efe

    Heloo everyone.Pls I need bentonite clay for my skin asap.I checked d whole of Ikeja City Mall yesterday for hours,I didn’t find,dey didn’t even know wat I was talking about.Someone pls tell me where to find.Thnx

  7. Anurika

    Do you sell cayenne oil bcos I saw someone indicate interest in it and I’m also interested. How much is it? Tried accessing the Ahia but there seems to be something wrong with the page. Would really appreciate a reply. Thanks

  8. chomy

    Wow! I love that natural long hair,thinking of going natural. Are there things I should consider going from permed to natural hair?


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