NITC7 – Save the date


The 7th edition of our quarterly meet up promises to be fantastic! I don't want to give too much away right now (because we are still putting things together) but I can tell you that there will be at least one new element - a product swap. Start rooting around your cupboards now for those underused bottles of magic. What you no longer want may just be what someone else is searching for. 

Our theme revolves around protective styling so fully expect to learn how to tuck your hair away and care for it while it is tucked away and when you do let it out. We also have new vendors with items that have never graced the NITC stands. 

We also have at least two new speakers who are excited about meeting you and sharing what they know! Get your questions ready!

We'll bring your more details later, but you know the drill - save the date, tell your friends, bring a friend or 3!!

See you there.

Date is 30.November.2013

12 thoughts on “NITC7 – Save the date

  1. Efe

    I’m totally in! Got lots of products to swap/trade and more I would like to try, If anyone has Entwine hair products, Oyin handmade, EZ combs, Aztec healing Clay, Henna, Marley hair – Those are some of the things I’m on the hunt for…. from my wish list, thanks!

  2. uchenna

    am looking at the picture on this post and saying to myself there is just this unique beauty in natural hair, just so beautiful the way God mad it. am so happy that i decided to go natural.

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    NITC7 – Product Swap Segment

  4. Anots

    Hi NN, Do you know of any natural hair modelling agencies in Lagos? It’s taking team natural to a whole new level with showcasing natural hair models with mainstream brands in Nigeria. What do you think?


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