A lot of what what we do these days is inspired by our ancestors. 

I found the picture on the left over 2 years and was amazed at how the style had been translated into something modern. I am pretty certain that our modern girl did not use palm oil and charcoal on her hair, thus the softer, more temporary style.

Another interesting point is that the style on the left supposedly denoted high status – not just any Igbo maiden would rock this style. Now, just about anyone can rock it. 

Of course, the fact that the lady from the 19th century was Igbo drew my attention. Especially as we appear to be learning this style now from African Americans and not our mothers directly. (Before I am shot down for being politically incorrect, I do know that there are African Americans of Igbo descent – not trying to make a political statement here).

Is there any ancient beauty practice you know of that has found its way down to our generation? 



Please I’d like to keep my natural hair… I don’t know much about it and products to use, I’ll really appreciate it if you could be of help, my hair is stubborn and I wanna cut it short and start with the undergrowth…. I’ll be looking forward to a reply, thank you 🙂


Haha, no political statement at all. Brilliant. Love the hair styles. Warrior princess and the modern twist.


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