Things I am loving this month – November 2013

After reading tons of reviews about this product - the spiralizer - I decided to get one for myself. While there is currently no danger of me going on a raw food diet - this Nigerian still likes her cooked meats - between my daughter and I, we put away quite a lot of veggies so adding this handy device to my collection was a no-brainer. 

So far, I have to admit that I have not used it as much as I could have, but at the times that I did, I was able to come up with a salad in minutes. It is easy to clean and not as easy to cut oneself on as the mandolin (I have one nasty experience with a mandolin under my belt).

All in all, I love the spiralizer because of all the potential it holds. Veggies as quick meals. Easy to clean. Does not require electricity - an important feature in Nigeria. Go here for a short video showing the spiralizer helping to make healthy meals and here for even more recipes. 

For those that are looking to purchase it locally. I bought this abroad and not in Nigeria,  I do not know where to buy it from here. If you do, please share!

Thinking about making this (Things I am loving this month) a feature every month. What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Things I am loving this month – November 2013

  1. fisah

    I love my Spiralizer, I got it in the summer and i make “zoodles” zucchini pasta with it. I also used it for many veggies like carrots, sweet potato, onion.. such a fun device to own in any kitchen. there is a more portable one that looks like a vegetable peeler, i might try that next.

      1. onyinyechi

        hey dear, school jim very tight here but i will try to be more visible…great job on the blog, more frequent…it is remaining DBK. Meanwhile where is the DBK post u promised us biko?

  2. toyin

    thanks to your review, I am rocking my spiralizer! its fun and its simple and easy to use. and its quick! important for one busy mom. and bonus bonus – my daughter gets to eat her veggies cos of the fun shapes. Thank you!

  3. Inemesit

    why dont u add the spiralizer to ur stock, i’ll love to have one or better still let me know the price so i can give u money to get one for me


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