In the last few weeks of 2013, I put up this picture of a savings plan on the Natural Nigerian Facebook Page.


The reaction to it was such that I felt that I had to make one specifically for Nigerians and post it here for you all.

I have prepared two of these sheets (an extra one with one extra zero to give N1,378,000) as I know that there are some people for who N137,800 is not a challenge to save. For those that N1,378,000 is not enough of a challenge, please add a few more zeros and you can save upwards of N13,780,000 per annum.

I absolutely love this plan because it is so easy and does not necessarily break the bank. By the time you need to save a lot more money later in the plan, it is already time for most people to receive allowances from work so that should help. Let me explain how it works.

Natural Nigerian Savings Plan 100

1. Print out the Savings Plan sheet (links to downloadable files below). Designate a bank account that you don’t usually use for these savings. If the bank account has no ATM card attached to it, even better.

2. In Week One, save N100/N1000, depending on what plan you decide to go with. Save the amounts for weeks 2, 3 and 4.

3. At the end of Week 4, your balance is N1000 or N10000 (depending on what plan you go with).

4. Tick the cell next to the week each time you make a deposit. That way, you can see if you are on track.

And on it goes till the end of the year when you reap N137,800 or N1,378,000. Downloads available here: N1,378,000 plan and the N137,800 plan.

I will be posting reminders on the Natural Nigerian Facebook page (you will need to like the page to get those reminders in your feed), on a weekly basis to keep us on track. Yes, US, because I intend to do this as well and in 2015, will report on how successful I was.

Let’s save together!


Ms. Ijay

I stumbled upon this blog this morning in my search for a salon that can handle natural hair.

Truth be told, I am totally loving it. Looking forward to the 52 Week Saving Challenge. (I have made the 1st week and 2nd week deposits). Hopefully, I would see this through.

Now proceeding to read old posts.


Nice idea. Just did this with the kids last month! In pounds though. We’ll see how far we get!

lizzy orji

am up 4 d challenge. it’s gonna b hard 4 me but i would try my best n at d end of d year. u ll get ur share. if i succeed. i assure u.

Berry Dakara

Hey lady!

Saw this on FB and forwarded to my siblings to shoot for in Atlanta. I want to try the N137,800 plan, I think.

Can I repost on my blog? Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty please?

Mendi Kuro

Great tool.

Although i found it today, i have already started transferring funds for the first week lost.

I have also shared this with my friends and encouraged them to join me to save together, and see what we get at the end of the year.

I am committed to seeing this works.



vasundhara Falemara

It’s high time Nigerians begin the saving culture….A refreshing change from the spending culture…I think it’s an excellent plan that can be done effortlessly and yield surprising results for the benefit of individual and the national economy…imagine if 100 million Nigerians decide to do it according to their own budget……at the end of the year everyone will have a merry Christmas.

Aunty Mo

I’m definitely in on this!!! It looks so easy and the final figures impressive. I hope I have your permission to share this with my people – all credit to you of course!!!


I like this plan….way better than my haphazard saving technique…and it beats having to purchase a clay piggy bank and breaking it in a few days for a shopping emergency…lol!
I’ve missed two weeks sha!


Is it me that doesn’t know Maths, how does 1,000 every week make 137,800 when we have just weeks in a year.

Kindly explain to me biko.


Signing up for this! I used to do this when I was younger, moved back to Nigeria and forgot about this. Thanks NN.


Could you look into this . The plans can’t be reopened when you share. I can’t open the other plans. Could you repost them?


Just found your blog and I love it!
Came looking for something else and found even more.
Really nice saving plan. Even though its not the beginning of the year,I’ll still do this.

Efen Ekanem

This is the best page I have ever read, truly this is savings made simple


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