January 2014

This month, I am loving the things that make me clean.


Let’s start with my feet. I have very very dry skin. My heels are dry and even have cracks in them. To slough off dead, dry skin, nothing works better than my local pumice stone. I have tried a lot of the imported variations but they can’t hold a candle to this stone. They are typically not sold in stores, so imagine my joy when I walked into Fig Health Store, Lekki and saw them displayed beautifully in a basket. I bought 3 of them. At N350 each, I consider that a good deal.

I typically use the pumice stones once a week and follow up with a deep moisturizing treatment. if I feel like my feet need more TLC, I slather cream on them and sleep in socks. Works every time.


I have spoken about my Clarisonic before. After years of using my hands, wash cloths, soft sponges, medium sponges et al without much satisfaction, I came across the Clarisonic Aria about a year ago. I use it once a day – typically at night. Let’s just say that my facial skin has never been the same. I now spend less on facial products because my face is so clean, my products sink in faster. Also, that elusive glow girls chase after? With the truly clean skin the Clarisonic gives,  you will come closer to having it.

While my skin is actually quite good and acne free, it has gotten even better with the Clarisonic. It is a product I would advice everyone to get.

I bought mine straight off the Clarisonic website. They don’t ship to Nigeria, unfortunately.


The first time I had these used on me were at a Hammam treatment. I have been to  more Hammam treatments since that initial one but never thought to use the gloves on myself. On a whim, I bought a pair about 2 months ago and I do not know why I didn’t do so sooner. Anyone that has had a Hammam knows that those ladies don’t play with these gloves. By the time you are done with the treatment, a whole lotta dead skin and dirt is left behind – I figured that I could get a similar effect. The first time I used them on myself, Chile! lemme tell you that I was puzzled at the brown water pooling at my feet in the shower when I rinsed off.

These babies rid the skin of dead cells and reveal smoother, skin. I do not hurt myself by rubbing myself raw. A sensible pressure will still give you the desired effect. I get a lot of questions about what products can give glowing skin. Yes, I used  the word “give” and not “reveal”, intentionally. Apart from good make-up, which gives only a temporary glow, I don’t believe that there is a product that can give it to you. Wash your body and face properly and you may be able to reveal that glow.

I bought these for between N850 – N1000 at Ebeano Supermarket.

Have you used any of these products before?



Those exfoliating gloves are really something. I have had them at different times but never really used them for my body; just for my face and not even regularly. Last year, a dear friend got me an authentic traditional exfoliating glove and Moroccan black soap on her holiday to Morocco. Used the soap and exfoliating glove last week and was amazed by the “dirt” that came off my skin. My skin felt absolutely squeaky clean and smooth afterwards though. I have now resolved to do it once a month especially in this harmattan season. I remember borrowing my mum’s pumice stone in the past and it’s good too though I now use one of those scrub

Natural Nigerian

I wouldn’t have thought to use the gloves on my face at all as they seem rather abrasive for the face.

If you ever go for a Hammam, you will disavow the gobs of dirt that come off your body :).


I use the gloves with Ghana black soap daily and it does wonders for my acne prone skin. I disinfect and soften it by soaking it in hot water daily.
I prefer using one glove as I find wearing two gloves freaky…I deftly transfer the glove to the other hand.

I have heard good things about the clarisonic and after reading this, I must hunt it down!


Hi hadassah,I Hv a question for you because I too am an acne sufferer at the rip old age of 25! Lol this Ghanaian black soap does it really clear all your acne without causing any dryness or allergies? Also how exactly do you use it on your face?


I use both the hand gloves and the stone regularly and they really do work wonders,but to kick up the exfoliating even more with the gloves try using them with an exfoliating wash like Palmolive Dead Sea mineral wash,your skin will thank you by behaving properly,no bumps,no flaky dryness,just smoothness all around!


No actually it isn’t the mineral wash has the consistency of any regular bath gel with micro granules that dissolve when they make contact with the skin


Thanks NN. I love this post. 🙂
What exactly is a Hammam treatment, and where can one get one in Lagos? Are they expensive?


Thanks NN. This is a great post. 🙂
Please, what are Hammam treatments, and whereabouts can one get them in Lagos?
Are they expensive?

Natural Nigerian

Thank you, Ebele. I believe BNatural Spa offers Hammams in Lagos. The best way to explain is that they are all over body exfoliation. Whether they are expensive is rather subjective. I don’t know how much they cost at BNatural Spa but in Abuja, I use MBHammam and I think the price ranges from N9000 to about N14000 or N17000


I have used the local pumice stone since i can remember(thanks Grand-mama)

I recently bought the gloves at Goodies Supermarket, ikoyi for N350 and i use it for exfoliating with Dudu osun twice a week and i only use one o(use the other for my face once a month)

i have read nice reviews about the clarisonic, will have to get one soon but any idea ladies on where to get in Gidi town? thank you


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