I was in Abuja recently for my very good friend’s wedding. Despite the fact that I had a limited number of days to spend there, I squeezed out time to go for a Hammam. I have only ever done this at MB Hammam in Abuja and so I can only tell you about my experience there. This time I took notes so that I could share it with y’all.


Let’s walk through it shall we?

After telling them at the reception what treatment (I opted for the basic Hammam this time) I wanted, I was led upstairs to a changing room where I changed into a lovely Ankara robe and rubber slippers.

I was then led downstairs by one of the attendants who took me to the “bath”. Disrobed, warm water was poured all over my body and Moroccan olive soap (their own version of black soap) was rubbed all over my body. I was then wrapped up and taken to the steam room where I remained for 20 minutes. While there, the lady attending to me served me cool water with cucumber slices in them.

“This is not for the body conscious as you will be stripped to your underpants for this Hammam”

Back at the bath, warm water was again poured all over my body to rinse off the soap. This was very welcome as the change in temperature after the steam room had me shivering a bit. After this I was made to lie down and the scrubbing began. The exfoliating gloves use are the same as in this post.

My “bather” started with my right arm. I have to admit that the exfoliating process can be quite abrasive and even painful. However, seeing the amount of dirt that fell off my body spurred me on to continue with the treatment as usual ;).

Going over my entire body must have taken at least 30 minutes and by the time we were done, the bed I was laying on was covered in small brown flecks of dead skin and dirt.

I was then rinsed off, scrubbed lightly with soap and rinsed off again. The next step was to cover my body lightly with a mixture of Rhassoul Clay and Lavender. After 5 minutes, this clay mixture is rinsed off.

While my body was still wet, I was sprayed with Rose Water, closely followed by….wait for it….baby oil. I was a bit surprised at this but then I realized that I had paid for the “basic hammam” and so baby oil would be all I would get. This was definitely the downside of my Hammam. As it was my first time doing the basic, I did not realize that this would be the oil used. Natural oils were always used with my other treatments.

After the Hammam, one is led to a room with electronic massage chairs and served sweet peppermint tea and biscuits to help with re-hydration. One may also choose to get an electronic massage. I completely skipped this step this time as I was in a hurry (I had a flight to catch that day). I also do not like electronic massages. Give me human hands any day.

All in all, I was glad I got my Hammam. I will probably try a place in Lagos as I live here. I understand that BNatural Spa offers Hammams.



BN service is also nice, dey use natural oil. And price range is from 17k. And it’s from ur hair to ur toes. VERY VERY Nice

Natural Nigerian

Oh, great! MB Hammam uses natural oils too. I believe the reason for the baby oil was because I paid for the Basic Service…..although really, that shouldn’t be enough of a reason.


I would love to try a hamman. Been hearing good things. But the thought of the abrasion… Anyways I love pamper-y stuff like this. Facials, spa treatments and the like. Can’t wait to be able to afford them all lol. That’s where all my money will b going. No expensive weaves or shoes for me lol

hamira tamiko adyms

I love MB Hammam!!! I discovered them a couple of years back when i was looking for a bday treat for my mum and i’ve become a regular ever since. i’v done the basic hammam (10k), traditional hammam (12k) and Al Fassi Hammam (18k). i usually have Argan oil used. Their hammam vary depending on your skin needs and the products in each vary.You get to keep d sponge (1k) for home use and return visits and u also get a loyalty card. Group deals are usually heavily discounted so if u can get more people to join to do the hammam with u,u save cost. This is my fave treat to give as a bday gift n my friends cnt stop going on about it afterwards. U also get a discount if u choose to have the hammam with a massage.
I got my fiance a hammam and massage treat at Bnatural Spa and he thoroughly enjoyed it, i havent tried theirs myself though ‘cos its quite pricey compared to MB Hammam which is a female only spa. I did a post on it here http://tamikoadyms.blogspot.com/search/label/spa

Natural Nigerian

Before this experience, I always used to get the traditional Hammam. I didn’t know about the group discount…thanks for letting me know. Next time I am in Abuja for a Capital Naturals Meet up, I will try and use that to my advantage.


See this is why I must move to Abuja o. One more reason to my list of reasons…#1 being more light available


Hamman! Hamman!! Hamman!!!…Now i want to get a hamman too…i just my body being pampered..


I tried same in Abuja too in HB hamman n the exprience for me was great.it cost me about #16,000 for a section.


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