Let’s talk about lime today. A little, cheap fruit that packs a whallop! Now squeeze a bit of the juice into water and you have a simple and affordable way to dramatically improve health.  Use 1-2 limes per glass of water.  Best thing is to drink Lime Water on a daily basis. At the very minimum drink Lime Water 3-4 times a week.

Lime and lemons are largely interchangeable.  Lemons have have slightly more fructose, but still a negligible amount when compared to other fruits.

Limes are loaded with a long list of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients.  In many ways, limes are nature’s version of your daily multivitamin.  And Mother Nature, having countless millennia to hone and perfect her craft, packages these nutrients in a way that is readily used by the body.  In contrast, most of the so-called nutrients in synthetic multivitamins are excreted in urine.

Lime Water is an ally in slowing and even reversing the aging of skin and other organs.  It improves the appearance of skin through mechanisms that unfold deep within the body.  An old adage says “beauty is only skin-deep”.  Well, that is the farthest thing from the truth.  Beautiful, clear skin is generated from within.  That elusive glow-the Holy Grail of cosmetics-can never be achieved by slathering a product on the skin or by exfoliating layers of dead skin cells.  This is an uncomfortable truth for the cosmetics industry.

Let us explore a few ways in which regular consumption of Lime Water will shine forth your inner beauty. However before we get into it, remember that for a good thing to happen in the body it takes time.  There are no magic pills or short cuts.

The Holy Grail of Cosmetics

The appearance of skin is largely determined by the condition of the dermis, which is the deeper layer of skin.  Healthy, glowing skin is a product of two things: 1) well-maintained proteins in the dermal layer and 2) adequate blood flow through the dermal layer.  Structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin, make skin soft, smooth, and flexible.  Blood flow makes skin radiant.  Lime contains various nutrients such vitamin C, magnesium, biotin, and beta carotene that are essential for the maintenance of these proteins.  These nutrients also promote the growth of new blood vessels where needed.

Goodbye acne

Acne is a product of certain hormonal imbalances and too many bad gut bacteria.  Too much testosterone in circulation causes the skin to be oily.  Harmful gut bacteria make the skin more prone to inflammation.  Acne is the marriage of excess oil secretion and pro-inflammatory skin.  Lime water supports liver function, boosting its ability to clear excess testosterone in both males and females.  Lime water promotes the growth of friendly gut bacteria that reduce inflammation.  Please notice, facial washes, pore cleansers, and other do-dads do not help acne.

Watch belly fat melt

Stubborn belly fat that is resistant to dieting and exercise is caused by an excess of certain hormones in circulation.  These hormones are estrogen, insulin, and cortisol.  Lime water optimizes liver function, which is the organ responsible for removing excess hormones from circulation.  As the level of these hormones in circulation normalizes, excess belly fat is not only burned off but redistributed evenly around the body under the skin.

Now, this last bit may sound a bit technical, but hang in there, the knowledge you are about to acquire may change your life!

Sustainable weight loss 

Continuous weight gain that leads to overweight or obesity is not always a product of greed or laziness.  Your willpower, New Year resolutions, and such things only cause short term fluctuations in weight.  Long term weight management is not under conscious control.  It is regulated by communications between your fat stores and subconscious brain (hypothalamus).  The key hormone that relays information between both areas is leptin.  Leptin controls appetite and energy expenditure in the body over the long term.  A breakdown in leptin signaling is a necessary condition for continuous weight gain over the long term.  This is without exception. Regular consumption of lime water helps to restore the body’s sensitivity to leptin.  This reduces appetite and increases energy expenditure (i.e. resting metabolic rate).  The central role of leptin is the root cause of why weight-loss products and dieting do not work.   Only the regular consumption of nutrient dense whole foods over an extended period can resolve leptin resistance.



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Ezenwa Onwugbenu is a nutritional healer and public speaker on natural health matters. You can find out more about him and his passion for natural health and living on Creative Juices



I’ve made a habit of taking a glass of lime water (I add grated ginger to it) every morning for the past couple of months. I went on a cleanse diet around November iirc and picked the habit from there. I won’t lie, I haven’t seen any marked improvement on my skin especially recently. Then again that may be due to changes in the weather.


How long should I take lime n water mixture to remove my belly fat n what are color of lime fruit in Nigeria thanks


First thing in the morning n as often as u can.the colour of lime in Nig. is green n smaller than lemon.


Is it good to take lime water in the morning and not eat till afternoon.


Nigerians usually say that lime is bad for single ladies that are yet to have babies. How true is this?


It’s actually true. Not only Nigerians, even my Caribbean friends say so. It’s very acidic and citrusy, that’s why I like it, Lol. However, My Doctor told me it can be used as Natural contraceptive, I don’t know how, but a lot of nurses have told me the same. My Mom has also told me to take it in moderation or not take it at all. I guess we have to be careful and research before trying out different things.


Hmm, okay. Who would have thought? A question though, Is lime water safe for pregnant women?

Ezenwa Onwugbenu

Greetings cosmicyoruba, I love the fact that you add grated ginger to lime water. There are numerous synergies between both. I would suggest you hang in there. The skin is composed of several layers. The epidermis is the rapidly regenerating layer. You get a whole new epidermis between 30 to 50 days (the process slows down with age). However, the dermis, the deeper layer of skin, turns over at a much slower pace. This deeper layer is where wrinkles, sagging skin, and visible scars unfold.
In addition, it is important to recognize the things that damage the dermis. One important process is glycation. Which is where sugar molecules in blood circulation break down into highly reactive products. These toxins interact with proteins in the dermis such as collagen and elastin, irreversibly damaging them. Refined sugars like table sugar and high fructose corn syrup are major drivers of premature aging. Many processed foods are loaded not only with refined sugars, but with the toxic breakdown products of sugar! A recent study found that soft drinks contain huge amounts of methylglyoxal, one such toxin.

Ezenwa Onwugbenu

Greetings Nifesimi, I have heard a similar thing on numerous occasions. However, it is based on a misunderstanding. Limes/lemons have a sour, acidic taste because of their high citric acid content. In fact, limes are about 8% citric acid by weight. However, people wrongly assume that an “acidic” taste must imply the “corrosion” of sensitive structures in the body, like the womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or sperm in male testes.
However, all this comes from a lack of understanding of the biochemistry of citric acid in the human body. Citric acid has three known fates: 1) it is excreted in urine 2) it is absorbed by cells and used for energy generation in the Citric Acid Cycle 3) it mops of harmful oxidants in circulation due to its antioxidants properties. In short, citric acid boosts energy levels and helps the body burn fat.
The acid I would be concerned with for young ladies is uric acid. Uric acid wreaks havoc with the various sex hormones that keep a young woman fertile. A major source of uric acid is excess sugar consumption.

Ezenwa Onwugbenu

Greetings Noni, it is perfectly safe to consume lime water during pregnancy. The acidic taste of lime makes people think it has corrosive effects in the body. However, this is far from the truth. The citric acid in lime that gives it that sour, acidic taste is actually an antioxidant nutrient that boosts energy levels.
Also, bear in mind that during pregnancy a woman has a very high need for several nutrients. Take for example the B vitamin folate that is crucial for the baby’s developing brain. Lime is a rich source of this vitamin and more importantly it is in a BIO-AVAILABLE form. The folic acid supplements pregnant women take are a waste, as it just ends up in their urine. Just ask anyone who has ever taken folic acid (or an synthetic multivitamin) how their urine smelled? Exactly like the folic acid (or multivitamin) tablet. Why? Because the body cannot recognize these petrochemical pseudo-nutrients and the kidney rapidly removes it from blood circulation to restore order in the body. And so it goes.


Great write-up 🙂
I have been taking lime everyday now for about five weeks now, and my acne has been gradually reducing


Thanks Ezenwa & NN!
I’ve had lemon water for a week straight, but with half a lemon every morning.
I think I’ll up my dose to 1 or 2 as suggested!


I have been taking lemon water for a while now and i realised that it increases metabolism . If u feel constipated, just squeeze half a lemon or one to a glass of warm water and in few mins, ur bowels will move. Lemon water also removes belly fat. I can testify to that.

Becky Reynolds

I was just wondering about the lime water I was drinking on whether it was beneficial for my diabetes or harmful & full of fructose. After reading this article I am delighted to know that it is beneficial. I too have noticed that my appetite has diminished & I do not eat as much which is good for diabetics. I did not know this until today after reading this article. Encouraging!


Hello natural Nigerian.

Please where can I get raw goats milk to purchase? I need it urgently for health reasons.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you so much.


I do add small quantity of honey in my warm water and lime recipe. I don’t know if it will reduce the efficacy of the lime, cos, I really want to shade some belly fat. Please, I will like to get the reply via my mail. Thanks.


Pls I want to know if lime water can help unblock a blocked fallopian tube
Pls I want my reply through my mail thanks


i heard lime can spoil d womb, expecially if u avnt given biirth at all. pls how true is dat? cause i need to burn some belly fat. tnks


Am delighted to be part of this article today. My question is; can lime water shrink fibroid? The respond should be sent to my email . God bless


Please can lime water help to shrink fibroid and is it good for some one who has not given birth. please send the reply to my email. thanks


Good day NN,

Good work you are doing here

Can Lime and Lemon be used interchangeably?

Does adding honey to it reduce the effectiveness?


ayaba esteri

Commendatoins! This is the most helpful article I’ve seen on the net on the issue.
I would like your opinion on how best to acheive the two objectives below please.
1. I have hormonal acne, how does adding honey to lime water affect effectiveness? I add two teaspoons of honey to one lime fruit in a cup of water about four times week. Started this month, No results yet.
2. I am chronically underweight and have been trying to gain 5kg for as long as I can remember. Reading that lime water encourages weight loss makes me want to ditch the whole effort.


The article is great, I am pregnant and I took lime water today cause I didn’t want to throw up the 3rd time and it was helpful. Please NN can you post the reply on the blocked fallopian tube and fibroid, thank you.


Does lime really act as contraceptive. Does it have effects on a virgin womb. Pls reply through my email.

Laura obi

Ezenwa ur really a great writer…am very good in takin lime nd water I also got to know dat hot water wit lime nd honey while taken helps in skin improvement. .its always gud to get educated nd do researches all the time..especially in d case of health


I have a big tummy and little fat too,I started drinking hot ginger and lime every morning b4 I take breakfast. I hope is good for me

Davia samurl

Ive been drinking warm water and lime every morning and evening for thr past month and i havent seen any results in weightloss am i doing something wrong? Help


pls i hope taking lime water does not have any negative effect on som1 womb?
pls which is the best way to take lime water? with warm water or normal cold water.
how many limes can i use at a time?
send my answer to my e-mail, also pblish it 4 public use.


Pls I have a female friend who complain of water coming out of her nipple and she is not pregnant pls if anyone has any solution to d problem inbox via my mail thanks I will be greatful to get a quick reply or if there is any drugs she can buy to treat it I will app8t


Hello Prince.

Am sorry to reply you here but I feel some other people could learn from my response.
It happened to me few years ago and I consulted my Gyny.
He referred me to a lab (Clina-Lancet) to do a test relating to endocrinology to determine my level of prolactin which is the hormone responsible for lactation. This result showed a high level and he placed me on bromergon tablets for few months to bring down the hormone level..which worked.
I was told taking contraceptive pills for a long time increases the level of prolactin hormone and a high level of prolactin may reduce chances of getting pregnant.
Please consult a gynecologist first because our bodies differ
I hope this helps.

iyiola omowunmi

Please is the lime squeezed inside a glass of room temperature water or a warm water…thnks in anticipation


I have been drinking lemon water for two years but switched to lime water because lemon is bitter whereas lime water is alkaline – which means it’s milder than lemon. The benefits so far that I have gotten from drinking warm lime water first thing in the morning helps with elimination. I squeeze one lime in a separate container then add lukewarm h2o. I also drink it after a meal and it greatly helps with digestion. I used to crave anything that’s sweet; now all I do is drink lime H2O and it eliminates the craving. The best thing that I also noticed is that my belly has gotten flatter than it used to. To prevent acid from touching your teeth, drink it with a straw. So again, drink warm limewater in the morning and at night – you’ll notice you’ll go to the bathroom more often than normal that’s because lime water helps clean your kidneys.


Am an avid drinker of lime. I put it in my drinking water, lipton tea and I drink lemon tea almost on a daily basis.
I noticed the following.
-when I take it first thing in the morning (between 6-8am) , I don’t feel hungry till afternoon. It reduces my appetite, even when I eventually eat, I eat less. This has helped me in losing weight.
– It keeps me awake. I don’t feel sleepy, so I don’t take it anytime from 7pm
– It reduces coughing especially when honey is added.

These are my own experiences with lime.


taking lime water without workout will u get result?
cant it prevent one from getting pregnant?


I just started drinking lime water,I hope it will reduce my belly fat without exercise. Thanks


Does lime water have any effect in the womb.cos I took it for a month and my belly fat reduced but stopped when a friend told that is nt good for my still having kids u no and especially I give birth through cs


Drank lime juice with water as my soft drink regularly because the tree was in my office. I became pregnant after close to 4 yrs of trying . Ladies that want pregnancy should try it. After I tested positive, I stopped out of fear, had miscarriage because of fibroid which increased in size and typhoid fever, and stress. Now am back to lime and water and will continue in my pregnancy. I even remembered that I also got pregnant before 2while on lime water. I think it helps fibroid, and the womb.


Is taking lime water effective cure for nephritis? If yes, how should it be taking, morning or night? Pls send response to my mail box, you may as well share with others. Thanks.


I brew grated ginger then mix it with lime, I take this every morning, I noticed I have lost a few KGS, its slow but effective and I like it, don’t want to be skinny just lose some KGS & keep d curves. I want to know if there are other health benefits attached to my new found drink.

Nwoye Chinenye Maryann

hello,can taking lime with Lipton help in weight reduction and does it have bad effect on baby because I’m a breastfeeding mother.pls i need ur help,my baby is just 2 months old! my weight is to much.thanks


Wow! This is so amazingly enlightening! Thanks Ezenwa! Kudos to the writers.


How will i add water to lime , do i have to put the lime in a container of water and keep in the fringe ?


Quite an interesting thread you’ve got here. Might I add that it should be the first thing you take every morning; 20-30 mins before eating or drinking anything else.


hi, I would strongly recommend whoever wants to get pregnant not to drink lime. I personally use it as a contraceptive and more than once when I did not see my period for more than week, I drank it and the next day it came out in a rush. Most matured women will also tell u the same thing. thanks


I lost my 3months pregnancy cos of fibroids, should I take lime to shrink it or not via email


Very little water comes out from just my right breast and I really want to get pregnant,


wonderful writeup. does lime juice cure infection? is there any side effect?


Thank you for this writeup. Does lime juice cure infection? what are the side effect of lime juice?


I want to loss weight, i am be coming fatter and i feel my body so heavy and i want belly to be flat like before but the problem am having now is that am having a two month old baby, two days now i have been drinking lime and lipton tea and mix up of honey to loss weight and belly does the lime am drinking will not affect my baby…… What is the side effect of taking such, email my inbox please


Please what are the side infect of drinking lime water with warm water. (2) is it good for young lady who have not gaining birth. (3) what is the best way of taking lime water because l have big belly and l want it to be flat. Please send relpy to my mail. Thanks

Patrick peter

Gr8 n intresting facts…… tombs high for natural nigerian, i think all my questions has being answered in d cause ofreading d comments n response…..

Just one unaswered question, does d intake of lime water affects a woman who have not given birth b4?

I love dis lime water n want my fiancy to join me in d intake, but scared….. so pls a wordwouldhelp


Hi,hv seen my period nw it’s over 3months nd I’m not pregnant,sumone shud pls tell me what to do,my mum said I shud be takin lime and I hv been taking it buh still no changes,anyone dat hv an idea on what I can do should pls reply me tru my email.Phnkx


Lime water mixed with ginger is very good, I can testify to this. But just three times in a week is good especially after morning workout. Try it with workout and portion control (that is don’t overeat) for 6months, I bet you all your clothes with start sagging. Seriously!

Daniel ginikanwa

Actually took lime while I was pregnant for my last child ignorantly because that was all that I was craving for and my baby is here, healthy and smart but the smallest in size of all my babies at birth. It’s safe but fires down babies weight.

Ehikioya Oluwabukola

Thks for this write up.pls can I add ginger and honey to my warm lemon or lime juice….send d reply to my mail ,also to d public for d benefit of others.thks

Omar Housman

This is my recipe which may be more beneficial to you guys: cut a medium sized lime into two halves, squeeze out the juice into a tea pot, also add the the whole body of the lime including the green part. Boil under a very low temperature for about 5minutes. Drink on daily basis and see the benefits in just as little as 5days. Do not add sugar. If you are a sugar addict, then it is not meant for you. Good luck

wow! it is a great deal to be here

i love this site very very very very much, not only dt it is educating but fun to be with. loveooooooooooooo


Please I want to slim down, am very serious about it because I don’t like I used to grow fat everyday. help me with your remedies.


What is d best way to take lime water bcos I ve big belly fat on my tummy, hw will I take it I wan it 2 be cum flat reply me intr my email.


Pls,shd I take d lime with warm water or cold water?Is it fresh lime water or d one I ‘ve already squeezed?Hw often shd I take it?


Pls,shd I take d lime with warm water or cold water?Is it fresh lime water or d one I ‘ve already squeezed?Hw often shd I take it?I ‘ve belly fat,am looking for d easiest way to eliminate it

christie Nkem

This is awesome, just started taking lime water this morning and am happy to know all these benefits, am in Jor.


Pls just want know if lime water is good for male. Someone told me that it kills male genital organ from functioning and also sperm.


Thank all for the great write up. please does lime/lemon shrink fibroid. and is it safe for someone who has not given birth before? thanks.


what qty of lime with warm water should i be taking and the frequency so that i can reduce my fat belly and also reduce in weight generally and also which one is better lemon or lime for weight reduction? kindly send reply to my mail

Ebuka frank

What a great article. Very educative. I want to know if I can squeeze out as many lime as i want and put it in a container,is it still going to be fresh that way? And secondly,I take lime drink without hot water,is there any disadvantage to that? Please send a reply to my mail..thanks .

Kayode Mojisola

Please can i add little original honey to the squeezed refrigerated lime and take every morning to burn belly fat?

lbe Gloria Ng

hmmmmm am happy to see this site. I love it.lime mixed with ginger is very gud,it helps in reducing weight and reducing sugar level in de body and flatting fat in de belly


I’ve bn taking lime juice without water they say it’s good for infection but my mum said I should stop it.


Wow. Have really learnt alots today. Pls how often do I need to take lime and warm water to burn tummy fat ?


Pls,am a breasting mother can I drink lime & water?will it affect my baby’s weight?thank u


Please can taking lime with warm water first thing every morning help in opening a block tube and can it reduce or shrike fibroid. And does it have any effect on the womb as a lady dt is not yet married. Lime and lemon which one is better for me please.
Thanks alot. God bless. Please reply to my mail ma.

can lime help to shrink fibroid? hope it doesn't affect the womb cause I still want to have babies, thanks pls do reply me via my email

Please can lime water reduce fibroid, and I hope it doesn’t affect the womb cause I still want to have babies. Thanks


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