Natural Nigerian Easter Sales Nigeria Lagos

For a week, we are offering a generous 20% off all items in our Ahia.

Please place your order by sending your name, address and phone number to As long as the item is in stock, we’ll sell it!! You can order and pay right through the Easter Holiday (yes, we will answer your mails every single day, even through the weekend).

The only limitation to this order is that we while you can buy anything in the Tropic Isle range – shampoo, hair food, protein conditioner – you can only buy one bottle of the oil per order.

To qualify, you need to quote the code: EASTER20 in your order.


Natural Nigerian

Hey Lizzy. There are issues with the Ahia showing up on Mobiles. Please use a PC and it will show up. Also, I can send you a copy of the price list if you wish.


Oh yes NN pls send me a copy of the price list also. You can see my email addy can’t you?


Hi old can’t access the ahia page old cld u send d product and price list to me via email. Tanks.


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