I have been asked so very many times when we would host another meet up in Abuja! Ladies, I am glad to finally say that after serious work and planning, we have a date and a venue for the third Capital Naturals Meet Up! Yay!


Come May 31st, we will meet at Baytown Lounge, Apo to discuss all things hair, meet others like us that are on a healthy hair journey and indulge in some hair envy, lol! There will also be vendors there selling hair and skin products!

The Capital Naturals Team is made up of Natural Mane of Deep Brown and Kinks, Chioma of Bibi Naturals and my humble self.  I am the only one that lives out of town so you cannot imagine how very excited I am to have an excuse to be in Abuja!

Pictures from our previous meet ups are here and here.



yay!!!!!! Am so excited. Am saving the date sharp sharp. I pray to God i can attend. I don’t know the place sha, but it shouldn’t be that hard to find.


If that is you and your hair, then I’m in love…. I’m just transitioning 4months plus and counting..,,


Great!!!…been waiting for this. Please send me a reminder on my email. Just don’t want to forget the date!

Natural pat

I am excited to hear this, but I live in Calabar, we have so many natural sisters here in Calabar, pls can you arrange this kind of meeting in Calabar for us. U can contact me through my email so that we can discuss extensively. Thanks


Please I’m in Anambra State. When are we having a meet-up in the East?


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