Lagos ladies, there is a Hair Salon Open house tomorrow in Lekki Phase 1. My friend, Natural Mane of Deepbrown Kinks who is Ah-mazing!! *sing song voice* with hair has spent some time working with this Salon to make sure that they can handle your hair.

To end her time there, she has convinced them to hold an Open house. Go in for a free hair consultation (you need to get in early if you want to have a good chat with Natural Mane) and to get your hair done at a discounted rates.

As with all things Natural Nigerian supports, it is for Relaxed and Naturals. We don’t discriminate! 🙂

Natural Nigerian Nikki o



I turned natural in October last year, but I have been having issues styling my hair and all of that.
I am looking for great products for hair growth, to style and not leave my hair white , make my hair soft and reduce shrinkage.
think you can help?

please let me know.

hope to get a response.


Natural Nigerian

Hi Adeola, our leave-in will help to soften your hair. No product can help you reduce shrinkage. To do so, you need to stretch your hair by threading, banding or even twisting.


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