Someone reached out to me last week with these pictures.



The Tale:

TI (let’s call her that) had gotten her hair braided a few weeks ago. Nothing wild. Just medium sized braids. A few weeks after, she decided that the hair around her edges needed refreshing so she went to a salon to get the braids there taken out and re-installed.

While the stylist was re-braiding, TI noted that the new braids were tight but did nothing about it. If anything, she thought that tighter braids would last longer or look prettier. She already had issues with her hair line but had been pushing it for years. This time, there was no pushing it. No recovery.

When she loosened her braids, her hair literally fell off with some of the braids. I can’t imagine how traumatic that must have felt.

The only way out of this was to cut her hair. TI has now undergone an unplanned and unwanted Big Chop. TI is Abuja based so she met and consulted with Natural Mane who has prescribed Natural Nigerian™ Rosemary and Peppermint Essential Oils along with Castor oil for stimulating growth and protecting her hair line. She will continuously massage h

er hair line with a few drops of both essential oils mixed with some carrier oil.

What can we learn from TI’s story?

  • The Hair Line is delicate. Don’t put any stress on it.
  • Hair Styles are not supposed to hurt. If it hurts, it isn’t good for your scalp, hairline or you.
  • Never sacrifice your hair for a style, no matter how beautiful you think you will look for the 4-6 weeks you have that style on.



Thanks for posting this story. We can all learn these lessons. This is the main reason why I had to put myself on a braid ban this year.


Lessons learnt, over and over again! No beauty is worth losing my hairline over.
I just took out my kinky twists last night. Nothing heavy, shoulder length. I started with the front row/ hairline and the hair I lost there was upsetting! Not breakage, actually shed hair that had come off at the roots. Thankfully my hairline is still intact, but I know that if I braid more often, I’m going to have a problem!
But I LOVE braids. I’ve resolved to limit myself to two times a year. 🙁


What about Ghana weaving? Can this be done without putting stress on the hairline?


I’m presently dealing with this. After destroying my hairline with braids and ghana weaving, I had to chop my hair off in Dec 2013. Except for my hairline, my hair is growing very well.. Hair around my hairline had refused to grow. Or should I say it’s growing at a very, very slow rate.. I don’t know what else to do..


Well said..I’ve got to admit I’ve seen worse hairlines.No hairstyle is supposed to hurt no matter how beautiful it looks.Why a young lady would wince and writhe about for hours because she’s getting braids is beyond me.I have friends who take panadol or ibuprofen after a trip to the salon,and they think I’m not normal because I never have pains or swollen scalp after I get a ‘do..Please ladies,if it hurts speak up no matter how old or bad mannered your stylist is!! Its your money afterall.

The Mane Captain

i’ve had to take a pain reliever after having a girl braid my hair so tight. I thought it was crazy when a friend (who also use to braid her hair tight all the time) told me to take tylenol when I was complaining how tight the hair was. My scalp remained tight the entire 3weeks the hair was in my hair for. let’s just say that I never went back to the girl. luckily, no hair was lost in the process. I would recommend liberian hairstylists, im not sure if the ones on nigeria also braid loosely.

chio areh

the best thing is to do you your yourself. if its that important to you. In nigeria esp lagos the braiders rarely listen to you. sometime i have to beg them to braid it loose, but its always a struggle. more often than not , i have to turn into a bitch to make sure they dont pull out my edges. Now i just do my own hair.


I have similar issue with my hair line.please how can i get the products recommended in treating my hair?…. must i chop off my hair to be able to treat it? …sincerly i dont think i can chop off my hair…


Lesson learned. Meanwhile, how can I get the above named hair product? My hairline is pretty much messed up right now. HELP!

salomey kwaw

pls how can i get da above oils. i chopped off all ma hair in january 2014. ma last relaxer was in april 2013. i have been massaging jbco on ma edges daily n dont braid ma edges at all . the growth is really slow at the edges but the rest of my hair is just growing well. i m in ghana


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