I had to have my hair made in a hurry recently. My stylist advised that the quickest option was Ghana Weaving. With my heart in my mouth, I submitted my hair for the weaving to be done. If you are wondering why I am being so dramatic, about just weaving my hair, it is because Ghana weaving is notorious for chopping off edges. However, women flock to it like a moth to a flame because the style is sooo damn fine!

Luckily, my stylist understands very clearly that I am very averse to losing any hair on account of carelessness. She is also an old hand (pun intended) at braiding and weaving hair and based on her experience, knows how to be careful. Here are the steps that we took to ensure that my edges would remain intact once the style reached its end.


I have no idea why this picture is upside down. When it is uploaded, it has the right orientation, once I upload it however, it re-orients itself. It’s been keeping me from sharing this post. Will keep trying to correct it.

1. Did not allow the stylist pick and weave the fine hairs around the edges (frontal and nape). I was not interested in that “finished’ look Nigerian stylists are interested in. As you can see from the picture, I am not shy about leaving a generous amount of hair out.

2. Brush-style was applied so the weaving did not start at the very beginning. This is yet another step in saving the tiny hairs that grow in front.

3. My hair stylist did not load the delicate front with a lot of braiding hair. She progressed gradually. thereby reducing stress to hair edges and hair in general.

4. I checked each one to ensure that it was not woven too tight. I was ready to speak up if she had woven anything tight. Ladies, if your hair is tight when it is being done, chances are high that you hair will be so strained that it will break. Also, I have never understood the logic behind paying money for the torture of a migraine or headache.

5. I did not keep the style on too long. It was gone in 3 weeks. My very maximum would have been 4 weeks.

By the way, I do not brush my edges very often. I work in a very casual, male dominated industry and the expectations are not too high, lol! I do as much as I can get away with. Okay, I am lying a bit. I do more than I can reasonably get away with. The way I see it is that I don’t have to brush my hair and stand losing my delicate edges for the crowd at work. Sorry, guys but that is how I feel :). I am not customer facing at all so once I am at work, I see a limited number of people.

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