I need to start with apologizing for the delay in declaring a winner for our last giveaway. I am ever so sorry but we have a winner now!

Of the 33 entries, there were 9 correct entries. I arranged them in the order in which they had left their comment. I entered those into a random generator and got the number 5, so our winner is Nifesimi! Yay!


The thing in the bowl is our Shea Rich African Black Soap which is available for sale in our Ahia. As the winner, Nifesimi will get a 500g pack of this soap which is typically sold at N1500. There are so very many ways this soap can be manipulated/ used in formulation and I cannot wait to share how! Look out for a post on that soon.

P.S: There were many many interesting entries. Egusi, Ogbonno, Chaff from Coconut. Thank you to every one who tried. We will have many more giveaways so there is still a chance for you to win something from the Ahia.

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