things i love september 2014

Tiger nuts

I have already professed my love for these nuts here. They made the list this month because they made a big difference in a close relative’s life recently.  He had been irregular for a long time and really needed something to get things moving. I went there with my trusty Vitamix, sprouted some tiger nuts overnight and whizzed him a fiber rich drink. He called me the very next day to say that his pipes were working again. Medicine-free, and on the very cheap. Fiber is really important in our diet. My diet calls for high fiber so I routinely have tiger nuts as a snack and a drink.

Bathroom Drain Hair Stopper

If you have hair and you wash it in the shower, you definitely need one of these.  Collect all those shed hair instead of letting them fall free to clog your drains.

I bought these for about $3 at a Fred Meyer but you can find strainers anywhere locally. I bet even one of those stainless steel ones will do.

Aladdin clear cup with straw

I love cups. I hate straws. Mainly because they are a hold all for bacteria -*shivers*. I like it when things can be disassembled properly so that they can be washed. A lot of straws are too thin for proper cleaning. However the ones that come with these cups. I can clean them easily!

I have them in 2 sizes – 16oz and 32oz. When I fill either of them up with a green smoothie, that is a meal right there. If I fill them up with water and drink all that, that really helps in achieving my daily water intake.

Dentrust 3-sided toothbrush

I have actually used this toothbrush on and off for the last year or so. Off only because I did not have quick access to replacements and had to make do with what was locally available. We are trying it out in the Ahia(shop) now so I have been reunited with my beloved toothbrush.

Let me count the ways I love this toothbrush.

  • You can adjust the bristles from normal to medium to hard.  All in one toothbrush
  • It is 3-sided so it kind of hugs your teeth and cleans them from the top and both sides all at the same time. The Gum line is not excluded as it gets a cleaning at the same time.
  • Tongue scraper completes the package.


Natural Nigerian

I bought mine at Walmart. I don’t know where it is sold in Nigeria, unfortunately. However, you can find a variety of BPA free cups in shops and markets across Nigeria, including Iponri. I bought an Aladdin food flask from there for my daughter a year or so ago.


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