NATURAL HAIR POMADE Pomade: /pəˈmād,pəˈmäd/Wikipedia describes Pomades as a scented ointment applied to the hair or scalp.

My friend asked me to make her a pomade recently (I make products on demand for friend and family – when I have time).  She wanted something that would help the hair on her temple grow. Something that would stimulate growth.

While I have never been of the school of thought that products are the no. 1 solution to hair growth, there are some ingredients that do help to stimulate hair growth and I made sure to include some.

More pictures and recipe below. Essential Oils like Rosemary, Peppermint have been shown to have quite some action. I added some Lavender Essential Oil for the smell. It also has benefits to hair and skin.

I added Glycerin because she has dry hair and I wanted a humectant in the pomade to help with attracting moisture. Oils do absolutely nothing to moisturize hair so every little bit helps.

I chose Avocado Oil of all the oils because of all its amazing qualities. Read here. Don’t just take my word for it, read this article here too

Find a sterile jar to pour this in. Who doesn’t like a pretty jar? I had these lovely blue containers in my private stash.

You can make it very very easily at home. Apply to scalp and massage for 5 minutes every other day.

Lay out your ingredients:


Weigh ingredients for accuracy. I used this heat resistant glass jar.


Place in a water bath and let the water  boil until all the wax is melted.


All melted now!


Add your essential oils. I used this stirrer (I know it is actually a milk frother but it cam do more than just froth your milk) to make sure that they were dispersed homogeneously in the mixture. Plenty English meaning that it mixed well well, 😉IMG_0941_Fotor


You can see that it is beginning to get cloudy. That is a sign that it is beginning to solidify.


Pour into your pretty jars before solidification comes.


Give 30mins – 1hr to harden (depending on the weather/temperature on the day you make it)

IMG_0977_Fotor Voila, ready to use.

Here’s a printable recipe for you!

Homemade All-Natural Hair Pomade

Homemade All-Natural Hair Pomade


  • Avocado Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Glycerin
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil


  1. Weigh out your ingredients (oils, beeswax and Glycerin) into a heat safe container
  2. Place in a water bath
  3. When all the wax is properly melted down, there will only be liquid.
  4. Begin to stir
  5. When the mixture begins to be cloudy but not solid, add the essential oils.
  6. Keep stirring to make sure that everything is properly mixed together.
  7. Pour into jars.
  8. When mixture solidifies, it is ready to use.



NN. please make up some and put in the ahia … I will gladly buy :)… this DIY matters…


NN Thanks for the recipe, U know I make mixes like for every one at home (including baby), but I use shea or cocoa butter as base and make just enough to last everyone two weeks maximum. And I also add palm kernel oil for the skin mixes. Also thanks for adding Beeswax to ur Ahia! I have searched everywhere for it! Finally!!! Hugs NN, you are doing well for me!

Natural Nigerian

Hey Toyin, if you are using just oils and butters, then you should be able to make larger batches. I am glad that we can finally bring you the beeswax you have been searching for.


I add glycerine to the mix so I was a lil bit sceptical. So I prefer to make in smaller batches.
Also NN is it possible to add honey to this skin mix? A friend suggested it, but I was a bit sceptical knowing how sticky honey is. What’s ur take on it?

Natural Nigerian

Hi Toyin, you can still make big batches if you are adding Glycerine. It is once water or water based liquids are added that we need to worry.

You can add Honey but I think that it is not necessary as Glycerine is a good replacement and not as sticky.


Hi NN, long time. How are you?

Thanks for this. I use shea butter as a base as well.

Please can you state the amounts..cant seem to see..e g how many drops of essential oil in your recipe , how much beewax/sheabutter


Natural Nigerian

Hey Aloted! Good to hear from you again.

Shea Butter is good. You will need less beeswax if you add shea butter.

I will update with quantities shortly. Left the notebook at home and I am out of town at the moment – imagine!


Hello NN! You DIY so prettily. My process is never this cute. Lol. My base has been shea butter for a while and now I want to try cocoa butter. I saw on the ahia that it’s available for wholesale. No small quantities for people like me?

Natural Nigerian

Hello Sandra, are you back?

Ah! all na wash wash! I had to arrange things so that it looks pretty for the pictures. Cocoa Butter is fine, just remember that it is a harder butter than Shea Butter so you can further reduce the amount of wax you use.

Unfortunately we really now only do a minimum of 25kg of Cocoa Butter. I wish we could change this but it is not possible at this time. Check with O’naturals. They may be able to sell you some Cocoa Butter.


Please kindly send the measurements for the oils for the pomade. Thanks for the ideas.


Dear NN, I trip I nearly fall inside soup. Love your website soooooo. Please help, is beeswax same as ukwa in Igbo language? Looks like something I used to see with my Eastern neighbours when we were younger.

Thank you.

Natural Nigerian

Hi Balqees. I am so glad you love the website! Yay! To answer your question, Ukwa is very different from Beeswax. Beeswax is a by product of the honey making process while Ukwa (known as breadfruit in English) is a plant.


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