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Last year, I put up a post of school supplies that you would need to set up your child with healthy school lunches.

As a follow up, I would like to start a series on healthy school lunch ideas where I share with you what typically goes into my daughter’s school lunch bag. Hopefully this will help those that need ideas. I know it will help me step up my game as well.

Let us start the series with a simple wrap that I make for my daughter.  It is simply a flour tortilla wrap, a salad, some home made dressing and some grilled chicken. It is that simple.

Making the salad is the most labor intensive thing in this recipe. To make things easy, make the salad the night before so that assembling the wrap is easier the following morning. Make sure to pop that salad in the fridge as it should never be left on the counter.

The Chicken

If you can’t grill your own chicken, you can cheat by picking up a bag of grilled chicken at ShopRite. It costs about N1899 per kg so you can get 1kg or under that if you do not need that much.

The Salad

School Lunch2

My salad was an mix of cabbage, green pepper, cucumber and carrot.  I cut this all by hand. All except the carrot which I grated. You can of course make any salad that you like.

Homemade dressing

I do not always put a dressing in my daughter’s salad but on this day, I had a home made dressing on hand (I will share a recipe later) so I drizzled just a bit on it.


You can purchase flour tortilla wraps in most supermarkets, including Ebeano and Deli Mart on Ajose Adeogun. I only mention these two stores but I am pretty certain that you can get it in more supermarkets.

I prepared my wrap by heating them up in a frying pan (no oil) for about 30 – 45seconds. As you can see I burned two of them, lol! I had the heat too high.

I took some pictures. Let’s use that to get into step by step tutorials!

Natural Nigerian Healthy School Lunch

Lay your ingredients out. Here, I have the flour tortillas in a plate along with the grilled chicken which I have shredded. Next to it, there is a bowl of salad.

School Lunch5

Place some chicken and vegetables in the center of the flour tortilla.

School Lunch6

Drizzle some dressing on this. I used just a little, don’t know why it looks like so much in the picture.

School Lunch7

Roll the wrap.

School Lunch8

Place in bowl.

School Lunch9

Of course this was not the only thing I sent her off to school with. On this day, she had a boiled egg which she loves and cleaned, unboiled carrots (she does not like boiled carrots)

School Lunch3

Last thing to say is that you must consider the time your child will eat this meal while packing it up. The meal is prepared by 0530hrs and my daughter has a break at 0900hrs, when she will typically eat about 60 -70% of her food. By 11a.m, the food is totally gone.

That is a long time to keep her lunch fresh, I place ice packs around the bowl and of course these are put in an insulated bag to help them stay fresher for longer. This is important as anyone will fall ill if they eat food that has gone off.

Let me know how you get on!



I love wraps! I’m curious to know how you make your dressing, I usually make mine with plain yogurt, lemons, black pepper and garlic.

Natural Nigerian

Wraps are the best! It varies, sometimes I make a vinaigrette, other times I make an egg based dressing like a mayonnaise from scratch. I have never worked with yogurt. Time to give it a try!


I am glad I found this. I have been searching for a portal that shares tips on packing lunch for children. This is lovely, but my 2 year old can not manage the wraps, carrots will be easier. I add lots of veggies too. Please keep sharing, esp ones that are to older friendly. Loll. I should share mine soon too. I felt proud to here her proprietress tell me I pack the best so far. Yipeeee!! Thanks sister!

Natural Nigerian

That is lovely feedback from the proprietress. You must feel so proud! I hadn’t considered younger children but will certainly now keep it in view. Please also share yours! We would love a guest post!

ojoma ukwenya

I wish to register with ur company to recieve info on organic soaps and cream for adults and kids, and food recipees dat are organic. I have just discovered d benefit of organic living.


My 3 year old does not like veggies, getting her to eat them in anything no matter how nicely seasoned is near impossible. Any suggestion on other healthy snacks for school will be greatly appreciated. However i will make this eliminating the veggies… hum wonder what that will taste like.


I really love dis,I have been looking for a site like dis.I hv four gals I really needs healthy easy and less expensive school lunch for them cos am not really satisfy wit what am giving them, n u know that it is what they eat that reflects on their how do I get in touch wit all the ideas everyday?


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