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Since announcing the Formula Botanica Skincare class in Nigeria, I have received several mails about the training in March and I would like to take a minute to do a post about it, that way most people can get their answers right off the blog.

Is it really possible to teach all the essentials in one day? 

Even if it were, I doubt that it is possible to learn it all in one day. So what will you learn?

  • You will learn the basics of lotion/cream making, serum making,
  • We will explain why certain ingredients work in certain formulas and why others do not.
  • You will be led on a general guide on how to choose ingredients for the different formulations.

Is it a strictly theoretical training or are we going to attempt to actually make anything?

It is a class where you will definitely be getting your hands dirty (so to speak). Expect to make at least one product each under these categories:

  • Facial Moisturizer
  • Facial Serum
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Face Mask
  • Facial Mist

You will also get to take each product you make home, to try on yourself! How exciting is that?!!

What about hair care products? 

This particular class is for anti-ageing products only. However, we will be organizing several more classes, one of which may cover hair care products. Stay tuned!

How much does the class cost?

N40000, fully payable before the date.

What does the training cost cover?

The training cost covers the actual training, all the materials you will use and a light lunch. I have received enquiries for people coming from out of town, asking if they will be accommodated. We will not be doing this but there are several hotels near the venue. This is a good resource. I have adjusted it to show hotels in Victoria Island. You can filter it further to suit your budget and to bring you even closer to the venue. Some hotels are within walking distance!

When can payment be made?

I would advise that it is made immediately. We are working strictly on a first pay, first served basis and will close payments one we reach our class size (just a little over 20).  Please either email us ( or call us – 0909.213.2141 and we will provide you with bank account details for payment.

When is the deadline for making payment?

There is no deadline per se but once we reach our class size, we will no longer be accepting payments.

How do I know that you are really affiliated with Formula Botanica?

Check out Nkechi’s page there!



So very proud that we are now becoming Concious Of how Beautiful and Sweet Organic Is and will always be the Best! Thanks Nkechi


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