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Have you been looking out for this post?

My apologies…I have been really busy, plus my internet service has really been…eh…challenging.

However, good things come to those who wait so here are the official pictures from the NITC that held on the 7th of March, 2015.

So many people to thank for the success of NITC10.

Our theme for this meet up was “Making the Best of What You Have“. This was contributed by a friend and reader, Onyinyechi Uwakewmdike. It was a much needed theme, seeing as we have have so much in this country and folks keep looking outwards rather than inwards….I will do a proper rant post on that later.

I would also like to thank a Twitter friend who quietly donated N10,000 towards the meet up. She does not live in the country, has never attended an NITC but still found it in her heart to support us without any sort of prompting from our end. To say that I was humbled by her offer and the act is an understatement. I will simply say – Thank you A.W.

Last but not least, Nnenna for helping us out with registering attendees and manning the product swap table.

Four people spoke during the talks  and I would love to thank them all for the stellar job!

Sandra of Naija Girl Next Door 

She spoke about making the best of your hair care products. Basically how you don’t always have to pay top dollar to have really nice luscious hair.

Nkechi Ofoegbu (my co-organizer for the Formula Botanica training)

She spoke about easily accessible products (yoghurt, honey, oils e.t.c. which can be used for skincare. She also went through methods of application. I noticed a lot of people taking notes.

Dr. Patrick Ijewere

His wife (Sherese) is a co-organizer of the event and is the owner of Carib Health Nigeria. Dr. Ijewere spoke about the easily accessible foods that are not just good for you but ah-mazing for you. Things like Moringa, Dates, Tigernuts (I spoke about that a bit here). He also spoke about the different types of detoxes. By the time he was done, I could see that people were reconsidering their eating habits.


My dear friend who contributes in a B.I.G way to the success of NITC from behind the scenes. She spoke about self acceptance. Making the best of your God-given gifts. She is a very engaging character and was able to get the crowd good and motivated.

It was her birthday that day and she spent it with us in service, helping us register attendees and manning the product swap table.

I have to say a massive thank you to everyone that was present. I asked that we surprise her at the end of her talk with a Happy Birthday song and the way it was done sounded almost like we had rehearsed.

Finally, there was a Panel discussion moderated by one of my NITC co-hosts, Ekene of  TheKinkandI

While not a speaker, blogger Uzoma of Don’t Touch The Hair live tweeted the entire event. You can read it on twitter by using the hash tag: #NITC10. She has also kindly posted it on the post linked in the list below. It is well worth the read. Uzoma came early and she did not skip a beat – thank you so much for coming up with this idea and following through with the tweeting!

On a personal note, I got to meet Food Blogger, Kitchenbutterfly along with her adorable kids. I have always admired her, her way with words and how dedicated she is to elevating our local Nigerian meals.

I also got to meet and speak with many other bloggers and non-bloggers. I love NITCs because they bring together people of like mind.


I have spent the last few meet ups not really listening to the talks but running around behind the scenes. I was really glad that I got a chance to listen this time. I loved this edition. But I say that of all of them….lol!

Anyway, this also means that I got more pictures of what went on in the talks and not just outside. But let’s begin with the outside, abi?





Love the TWA and the threading


Nkechi Ofoegbu, a licensed Formula Botanica Tutor


Ms_Isioma and Osemhena




Getting done with registration


And then the queue started…but our efficient folk dealt with it swiftly!

Since we started using The Social Place, we started housing vendors in a separate hall rather than outdoors – an arrangement that they love!


Atilola of African Naturalistas


Lolade of Namaste Organics. She always has the loveliest pieces, like this hand printed batik pashmina.


NITC Co-Host, Ekene of TheKinkandI


Not sure which picture of Ekene I prefer, so here is another. 🙂


Sandra of NaijaGirlNextDoor. She’s still transitioning so she’s got a mi of relaxed hair and natural hair





I like taking pictures of people taking pictures. This was Olumide and Barbara Onianwah


Nkechi Ofoegbu giving her talk on skincare.


Iquo and Nse




Hanging out after the meet up


Michael and Natachi – lovely to see a husband support his wife in her natural journey


My lovely friend Nse.


Kemi of KLS Salon Bar (right) and one of her clients talking hair


I was like a paparazzi stalking good folks and taking pictures.


Hair, Hair everywhere


Talks over, attendees exiting the hall. And yes, there were men and women.


I caught up with Tito of PweetyWings (look for her on Instagram) and managed to get a few shots. She will be featured on the blog soon…you don’t want to miss that!


PweetyWings again


Exiting the Venue


Hanging out after the meet up

Want to read more accounts of NITC10?

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2. The Lazy Natural

3. Nigerian and Natural

4.  Don’t Touch The Hair

5. Ify’s Musings

6. Naija Girl Next Door


Dr Agility @ Purejoie Consulting/ Purearthessentials

Beautiful pictures, NN. Keep it up. Well done.


I love love love these pictures! They show the versatility of natural hair. Well done for putting this together.

Lekia Lée

Whoooo!!! Absolutely fantastic. I remember coming to Nigeria in 2000 with my natural hair and everyone, I mean EVERYONE looked at me like I was some alien. No one could understand why I would want to keep my hair in its natural state. Now I come to Nigeria and people ask me if I am an actress (er… I wouldn’t mind being in a good movie sha). I feel soooo happy to see Nigerian’s embracing their beauty. Well done Natural Nigerian, the photos are wonderful, the women are beautiful. I also promote natural hair too, you can find me on FB (Project Embrace UK). I love this!!


I have finally mustered the courage to comment….*sigh* E.DEY.PAIN ME!!!! I really really planned for this meetup down to my outfit but as we know ‘pikin proposes, mum disposes’. Then lagos traffic come enter the matter. Anyway, I hope to make the next one and contribute as usual. The pictures are lovely! Very evident that a good time was had by all.
Kitchenbutterfly is awesome, isn’t she? One off your bucket list 😀
I vote that she brings lovely pastries for sale for the next meetup and we could give some or all proceeds to a charity.

Natural Nigerian

Hi Onyinyechi, I knew it was only a strong matter that kept you away – especially as it was essentially YOUR meet up. Kpele. Love the “pikin proposes, mum disposes”. So true.

yes, Kitchenbutterfly is really amazing! I met her kids too. Let’s just say that they stole some of her lime light :).

Lovely idea as usual. I will float it to her and see what she says.

Dr Agility / Purejoie

Yeah, my fingers, toes, and intestinal villi are all crossed in expectation for NITC 11. Lol.


Great pictures and lovely hair pictures. NITC just keeps getting better! I caught up with the tweets and all the sessions were very informative. Kudos to all the great speakers!

Fingers crossed I will be at the next one.

Ajadi Elizabeth

I just stumbled on this site while surfing the internet and I must say, you’ve got good content.
It’s nice to see a lot of people embracing natural hair, i am still in transition (5months) and I also have homemade hair puddings, sprays, essential oils etc that I sell(for strictly natural addicts) and other hair and body products.
I am interested in booking stands at your meet ups and getting alerts for when the next one is.
You can send me a message @

Awaiting your response


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